Isiliel new album "月虹創聖記" release

Isiliel new album will be released in Spring 2023.

Isiliel is the new solo project for NECRONOMIDOL’s Himari Tsukishiro.
Mixing genres as diverse as folk, blackgaze and city pop via a worldwide team of veteran songwriters such as King Dude and NARASAKI of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, through Isiliel Himari will express hitherto unexplored depths of pathos and beauty on stage.



That second track is incredible

The album will be released on 2023/04/16.

3rd MV “聖暗顕現(Seian Kengen)”

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4th MV “Genesis”

5th MV “Lilith”

6th MV “pinky promise”

7th MV “Qliphoth”