Japanese air bands?

Whenever I look up Japanese air bands, I only get articles about Golden Bomber (not complaining ofc) but I want to learn abt more air bands. Does anyone here know any other Japanese air bands?

“Air band” is really just a term used to refer to Golden Bomber, so that’s not surprising.

Honestly, I think the most similar thing would actually be an idol group rather than a band. Like, maybe a group like Kanjani8 where the members can play instruments, but it’s not really their main focus and they’re generally more comedic in tone.

Like, this is the more “band”-style Kanjani8: 関ジャニ∞ - YouTube
And this is the more “idol/comedian”-style Kanjani8: 好きやねん、大阪 - YouTube

If you want a VK band in particular, a band like Psycho le Cemu where they do write their own music and play their instruments live, but members will switch to dancers for some of the tracks and they’ll do comedic skits and stuff sometimes, might be the closest. That, or maybe one of those VK idol groups, but those don’t usually tend to be very good.


Air is a slang for cool in Eastern languages or indo chine as its called.
Maybe they came up with it from that?
Other then that the genre is made up.
An cafe calls themselves hikagukuya dance rock or something something shinjuku but you don’t see any other bands doing it.

Its called an air band because they dont actually play their instruments

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Hahahahaha yeah I just got it now, air guitar, I’m so dense.

That awkward moment at the GB show when they have to stop cuz one of the strings broke and they didn’t bring any spares…


People out here not remembering the superior visual kei air band, Dokipan with AIRnanchara (どきぽんwithエアーなんちゃら). Except most of the time the members rather not play air instruments and dance or perform furi because why not?

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