Japanese black metal band split album, "Those Who Dwell in Darkness" release

“Those Who Dwell in Darkness”, a split album by 3 one-man black metal bands from Japan, has been released on 9/18 on each band’s respective Bandcamp page.

Average Misanthropy
Mass Kontrol Genocide
Mt.Ontake (CD copies are also available for 1500 yen but limited to 100 copies (there’s 5 copies left as of this writing!) and shipped in October)

[full tracklist]
1.Average Misanthropy - Spell and Blunderbuss
2.Average Misanthropy - Transfusion of Devil’s Blood
3.Average Misanthropy - Through My Misanthropic Visions
4.Mass Kontrol Genocide - Râul de lacrimi
5.Mass Kontrol Genocide - 這ヒズリ廻ル運命ノ喜劇
6.Mass Kontrol Genocide - 蠢狂歌
7.Mt.Ontake - 河岐山
8.Mt.Ontake - 水位零作戦
9.Mt.Ontake - 天心白菊

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AM is such a nice guy (He’s very friendly and pretty good at English), but his raw funeral doom isn’t for the feint of heart. It literally sounds like someone dying in agony which par for the course for raw/bm/dsbm, but this is just a different level of assault on your ears and senses. He’s extremely secretive and doesn’t have an IG like say No Point in Living’s Yu.

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Listening to this it’s a lot more in the style of 2nd wave bm than his earlier work which is much more blackened death doom I guess you’d say.