JE:NOVA will depart from CROW MUSIC + indefinite hiatus

in another string of Naru band-related antics, JE:NOVA has announced that they will depart from their label CROW MUSIC on 10/16 and effectively pause activities indefinitely on 11/14.

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This really sucks. Their mini is one of my favourite vk releases this year

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again and again and again …

their mini was cool, yeah

It’s been… checks watch

Why am I not surprised?

Now apparently they’ve all left except for the singer, this band is dead at this point.

this is so funny and frustrating at the same time

All the members besides vocalist Naru will indeed secede after their last live on 11/14.

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Well Naru will take a break and say goodbye (?)
This is what it says :

The year 2022 will soon be the end of Twitte r that I have been doing for 8 years. It’s been a year since I retired from the band, and I’m still going strong every day. I can sell my music.

I realize how fast life goes by.

I am keenly aware of how quickly life goes by.

It was my dream to be a band member.

Now, I have a new dream to make it in the society.

Now my new dream is to make it in society.

I never sold a single song. Even though I never sold a single

band for 15 years is a source of pride and memories that will last

I am proud of my band for 15 years, even though I never sold any of it, and I have memories for the rest of my life.

I am very grateful to all the friends I have met and all the people who supported me even once. I wish them all the best. Thank you to all the people who liked and DM’d me even though I’m already a regular guy. I have no regrets or regrets about the past, so I will continue to live my life on a new path to the future with all the determination I have.

I will probably do social networking again someday (to show off my blowjob), but for the time being I would like to take a break from it and free myself from the self-imposed spell of posting every day. Since I am only 42 years old, I would like to expand my possibilities and become a cool guy by challenging myself in a world I have never seen or done before (even though I am cool enough now☆).
That’s all for now, but thank you all for everything!