JILUKA announce oneman new tour, live-limited single and tease mini-album


Wow that song for sure lives up to the album cover, definitely gonna have to buy it now.

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Well, hello Ajna 2.0 :heart_eyes:

I am very satisfied, but I wish we weren’t forced to read the engrish lyrics LOLOL


So we got Edward Scissorhands and Cruella, who are Zyean and Sena then? :joy:

Legit my first thoughts when seein the new look

The new look. I love it.


Not a scientist, but I’m developing a theory that including 6 breakdowns in every song you write actually makes them less memorable… even when they are good lol.

I do like this one, but I’ll give it some more plays without the PV. The lyrics themselves are not that bad but the font, size and placement of them is awfully distracting from a excellent looking video.


Man, this band makes me sad. I see the potential, in theory they are right on my alley, but for some damn reason I find their work super uninspired. The way their songs are structured is very distracting, and god damn they should fire the person that decided everything should be this compressed

I find this to be less compressed than many, many other productions, to be fair.

I will agree on the lack of inspiration, but to a point: I think it’s more of an issue in digesting the tracks. It always takes me multiple listens to get into their harder songs as they always mash so many things old&new together :sweat_smile: but they end up making sense after a while, and that’s the beauty imho!


I’m hoping they’ll use a new version of suzaku, because the single version is SUPER compressed.

As for the song itself, it feels like piecemeal of all their harder tracks slapped together. I don’t dislike it, since I like everything they’ve crammed into it, but it sure is a mouthful. Regardless, they’re my bois and I’m going to buy it regardless.

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surely on Thursday I will have my copy on cd that will have the extended version

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5th track’s preview kinda slaps, gotta admit. The rest is good, but that one seems to be the most interesting.