JILUKA announce oneman new tour, live-limited single and tease mini-album

JILUKA is announcing a slew of news today. In an info dump, they announced a new country-wide oneman tour for the year, with 12 dates and a three-date special “circuit” with lives in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. These three lives, titled LINKAGE PLOT 2021, will have a live-limited single given out as well as a goods bag as well as a photo event occuring after the live. Given the graphic, I don’t know if that means each date will have a different single as they each state “-ver.-” in front of their name, but that just may be for aesthetic purposes.
The band also teased a new mini-album was coming in September (which may kick off their nationwide tour), and are already announcing Sena’s birthday oneman for August 21st at Shibuya Rex.

I don’t know if the world is still going to be awful in three months, but I REALLY want to go to the AREA oneman (given the live-limited single and AREA’s imminent closing).


I’d also love to go to their oneman at AREA! It’s such an iconic livehouse; definitely going to miss it. Also would love to snag the live-limited single, haha.

Super excited for the mini-album coming up ^^

Honestly, I’m most interested in the new costumes since there’s not enough information about the mini-album yet to really have much to say musically. Though the only hint being that they’re black doesn’t really give away much about the costumes either(笑)

JILUKA have posted samples from the swapped vocals single:

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Artwork for the live limited single SUZAKU


Wow, i love that cover art

Killer cover art, as always.

Here’s to hoping they put it up on their webstore after, since I was dreaming (I know it was super unlikely, but a man can dream) that Japan would open up for tourism before this tour, so I could go and see them at AREA before it’s torn down.


Really love this song it lives up to the artwork for me at least.


this song will be on their new mini album

Normal edition and límites


With an album cover like that it definitely better be some of their best stuff, Xtopia felt kind of meh but if Suzaku is a good indicator of what the rest of the album might be like then I’m not worried, really loved that song.

I am so very ready, let’s hope for a banger

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Already preordered , I’m excited for this.

What the heck is a “Divided” album though? I was expecting both versions to have different tracklists but thank hell that’s not the case. But it makes me wonder if it’s like another mini album will shortly follow? Anyway, Jiluka is a mandatory purchase really so will make sure to check this out.

So they explained in an interview that IDOLA is actually a sequel to XTOPIA, where XTOPIA is more melodic (expressing their music through utopia), IDOLA is more aggressive and fast (as in their dystopia).


So it’s gonna be a brutal banger confirmed! Naiiiisu~

Hell yeah. Zyean said it was so fast that he had to get new drum pedals and that all his parts were real difficult to play.


I’m super duper hyped now :Q_

Sounds good to me. Haha