JILUKA & Leetspeak monsters Release Collaboration CD "Amphisbaena" on Upcoming 2man Tour

JILUKA and Leetspeak monsters previously announced a 2man tour of four dates taking place at the end of March and throughout April. Today, however, they announced special collaboration merchandise, which includes a vocal change CD. Ricko (JILUKA) will sing on the Leetspeak monsters song “Gothic” and D13 (Leetspeak monsters) will sing on the JILUKA song “Raison d’etre.” A special colab t-shirt and chekki featuring members from both bands will also be available.

If anyone here is planning on attending any of these lives and are willing to do a shopping service, please let me know as I need that CD! Thanks!


this is a quite interesting combination.

really hoping I can eventually hear these songs, the idea sounds interesting enough. ever since I heard that one bp records album w codomo, kiryu, and royz all playing together I’ve kinda wanted to see similar(or ish) things happen with other bands.

??? wow i didnt expect these two bands to get a collab?

Chanty, Belle, and Develop One’s Faculties did something similar in 2017. I also remember NAZARE and DEXCORE doing a vocal swap single for a live-limited release, too.

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oh that’s sick, I actually just started listening to chanty recently. they’re p dope. gotta see if I can track that down :sweat_smile:


you should post the new look here

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JILUKA and Leetspeak monsters new coupling single “Amphisbaena” will be released at their coupling tour since 2022/05/01 to 2022/06/25