JILUKA new digital single "BLVCK" release

JILUKA new digital single “BLVCK” will be released at the end of September.


Looking forward to it. I was really disappointed that DDJ was just covers and not original songs.

Are they trying to be trve? Jk

I’d be down for them trying black metal, but they probably just wanted to seem cool with an upside down A.

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Killer artwork, as always. Super stoked to hear what they’re doing.



Yaaasss electro gothic metal queens slayyy

Pretty hot.

Appeals to my industrial goth self for sure.

Im a dude so not quite the same appeal but honestly I find Sena’s looks quite often let the side down. The rest of the guys look dark and brooding and he just looks… well, like Sena always looks… haha.

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Finally something that isn’t completely skipable in the first minute. Production is stellar and the visuals are A+++
I can’t help but feel Kagami had some involvement in this, either directly by producing/ mixing or serving as an inspiration (listen to the first verse).

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It’s unfortunate that the track is brickwalled to hell and back. It’s not bad otherwise.

It slaps, although I’d prefer to have no lyrics on screen and live in ignorance rather than being certain it is a messy engRish mess lol. Always wondered why they don’t have someone proofreading stuff.

Also, it’s not just BLVCK, it’s BLLLUUUUUUUUUURGHCK :joy:


Whooooaaaa, where the heck did this come from??? That was Craaaaazzyyy! Damn. Definitely bvck on point after a couple of pretty mediocre releases.

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the single will be available on iTunes and Apple Music on 9/28

it will then be available on Spotify, Amazon, and other streaming platforms on 10/5; it will be on Recochoku (レコチョク) on 10/12

I think it’s pretty meh myself.

Youre insane! Haha. Guess we all have different opinions and that is fine. :slight_smile:

Just give me a decent shirt reminiscent of this design/style.

I’m not sure I understand what they’re asking of us.

They probably want us to listen to their music legally, if I have to guess