JILUKA new digital single, "S4VAGE" release

Let’s run down the JILUKA essentials:

  • Lyrics that are fun as long as you don’t think about it too much :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Enough choir to make the Pope blush :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Zyean beating those drums like they owe him money :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Filthy breakdown with some pig squeals :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Sena doing a rap verse…Sena doing a rap verse?!?

It’s a fun assault of sound that also doubles as brain bleach. It also agitates my ADHD. I watched all 4 and a half minutes of this and I don’t remember a single thing except perhaps the chorus and that filthy break down. I also think it says a lot when I mention that I haven’t listened to BLVCK, OVERKILL, or VENφM more than once. Even an entire mini-album of this would be quite…overkill to say the least.

It’s nice that they’re having fun with this sound but it’s a bit too one-note. All the songs sound the same and I swear even Ricko is recycling melodies for the chorus. Hope the album has some more variety.


Thank god I watched this beast on youtube Picture in Picture mode. I’m speechless, it’s a wall of noise, sensory overload, everything blasting like a punch. I really fucking liked their last releases, but this is very overwhelming. I kinda like it? I kinda hate it? I don’t know what to say. Sena is rapping??? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS SONG?

This almost feels like aggrotech, but even more noise. I would probably like this more if they haven’t released four of these noise torpedoes in a row


i need an entire sena rap album, this cured my hangover by causing me to drink more. 10/10

i preferred venom but this literally sounds like venom put into a blender with overkill, add some extra riffs, and then airfry at 180C for 20 mins…

watched the mv 3 times and cannot recall anything or even the melody :sob:


Am I the only one that loves their new songs haha? It’s not just brutal for the sake of being brutal, that would be something like slam or goregrind. I agree the songs sound similar but it’s not unusual for songs that are part of the same genre to sound similar, it’s easier for me to tell the difference between these songs than a lot of death metal/black metal/grindcore songs. I don’t think I’ve heard other bands that sound like this so I think it’s a pretty unique sound, I didn’t used to care much for them because there were other bands that did their older sound better imo but they’ve grown a lot on me since changing their sound. They will need to change things up a bit pretty soon though I’m curious about what their next song that’s not in this style will sound.


Hi :joy:
I liked those newer songs, also it’s the ones that got them that international attention.

So on Twitter I saw some people mention that those last 4 songs were supposed to be a set of 4.
So they are supposed to be similar and matching each other basically.
Makes sense, although if that’s true, why not release them more near together?
(To remember everyone Black was released in 2022)

4 songs released at the same time wouldn’t generate as much attention as 4 super hyped separate releases.

I dunno, for me its not like songs of the same genre sounding similar its that their latest songs all sound the same. You actually know what is coming before you even press play for the first time. As others have mentioned youre not left with anything memorable and even the melodies/rhythms are basically getting recycled so feel like you may as well choose one of these songs and just listen to it 4/5 times in a row and you got your new Jiluka mini album.

Idk I don’t really get it, S4VAGE has crazier symphonics, the rap part, OVERKILL has no clean vocals and that bouncy breakdown(idk how to better describe it), VENΦM has the sick ending breakdown, I don’t think the vocal parts are the same, so they clearly aren’t the same songs? There are definitely similar parts but tons of bands have that issue in metal.


THANK YOU FOR THIS its going to be my alarm so i wake up from a deep sleep (probably inexplicibly terrified knowing my mind).

sena rap album when


Best part of the song, rapping fembois should be the new normal


New digital single “S4VAGE” will be released at 2024/06/10.


If only it wasnt spelt with a 4. :laughing:

V3NOM was right there too


Haha next theyre going to rebrand as J1LUKA.

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I sincerely wish to know how Boogie feels in this band. You can’t hear his bass lines in every single songs.


You hear more of him in the mix than you think. I’d like to hear a little more of him too though. The version of Ajna from the DDJ COLLABORATION is one of those JILUKA songs where he stands out for me. But with these new songs, yeah I’m with you, I can’t really hear him too much.

Bass is an instrument that is felt as much as is heard. I have been to concerts where the bass was so heavy I felt it in my chest. I bet he’s a big part of the reason why the band sounds powerful live.

#BassLivesMatter Boogie for King!

Yeah totally. It was only since having watched The Outis that i noticed he is actually a really good bass player. Haha.