JILUKA new digital single, "S4VAGE" release

Available June 2024 release date tba


Dude we need the “graphic design is my passion” flyer too


I didn’t see it yet sorry, that bothers me that they spell it “SAVAGE” in the artwork but type it “S4VAGE” everywhere else

Nothing new, like the idea was “hey, let’s literally just mix Venom and Overkill together” and that’s it

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These bars from Sena are meme material.


I’m crying at Sena aiming for the vk rap god title it’s my favorite thing

Lime u better be taking notes kiddo

Tbh i feel like this was written at the same time as Venom and Overkill and they’re just spreading the releases out while they orchestrate the overseas thing, which explains why they’re very samey.

I ain’t mad tho, they’re obviously trying out a new sound with the ELECTRO GOTH METAL schtick so it’ll probably take a while before they can really formulate a distinct sound from it while they work out the mechanics.


The anti theft tags are glowing now …

Having songs that sound similar too each other can be good thing, it doesn’t has to be bad, the problem is that it’s a small line of sounding like the last songs are all the exact same vs managing to still have a new and refreshing sound.

Also I am not a huge fan of those two rap parts, they feel pretty out of place.

If you look close the first A looks different and more like a 4 than the second A
It’s just not very clear

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Sena’s rap is my new reason to live :fire:

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sweats Lord this is so lit

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Same old boring stuff. I don’t know. To me, Jiluka have been stagnating since their Divine Error. I understand what they are doing, but this is being “br0000tal” just for the sake of it. It’s like they are trying too hard to sound westernized and losing (sorry, Dimlim) the essence of visual kei musically.

I guess, I have the same feelings for Dexcore — ever since Naoki left, it’s “we are doing very generic metalcore (or whatever)”

And it works, both bands found their passionate niche. Just not for me.


This just makes me feel sad. I feel like i would have loved this once but since BLACK everything just sounds the same and sticks to the same formula. Sena’s looks are getting more cringe, his raps are cringe, the dumb spellings of simple words for titles is cringe and lame and honestly I just feel like everything I loved about this band is almost gone. Theyre basically a different band now, one that keeps putting out the same song and isnt as good generally. I actually love the kinda idea theyre going for with the electronic styles being incorporated but it just doesnt really work imo. If they can refine that and start putting out some fresh stuff then theyll really be something.


JILUKA still visual kei ? Its more metal core / whips hair band lol!

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Bruh, this is just noise, how can anyone like this shit? My ears are fucking bleeding


the hyped fans lol

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wow. it really Does sound like they stapled venom and overkill together. unfortunately its not as good as either, except for that riff at the beginning/end with the panic chords, that one’s pretty rad. also, ‘moving freely like an elevator’ has to be the funniest english lyrics in a visual kei song.

i hope this one was just a whiff, because i really enjoy the more extreme influences. also, i need the sena solo rap EP xd


Let’s explore how each of these lines from “S4vage” by Jiluka can be interpreted to encourage inclusivity and accessibility in music venues, particularly for people with disabilities:

  1. “Watch me go”: This line can be seen as a call to action for individuals to pay attention and bear witness to the experiences of others. In the context of promoting accessibility in music venues, it could signify the importance of acknowledging the struggles and challenges faced by people with disabilities as they navigate these spaces. By urging others to “watch me go,” the lyrics prompt awareness of the barriers that may exist for individuals with disabilities in accessing and enjoying live music events.

  2. “Just by breathing. You know what I mean?”: This line carries a sense of shared understanding and empathy. In the context of accessibility, it could be interpreted as a reminder that simple actions, such as breathing, can be taken for granted by some but may pose challenges for others, particularly those with respiratory or mobility impairments. By posing the question “You know what I mean?” the lyrics prompt listeners to consider the perspectives and experiences of individuals with disabilities, fostering empathy and understanding.

  3. “One down. Another down. Moving freely”: This line can be interpreted as a depiction of progress and empowerment. In the context of promoting accessibility, it could symbolize the removal of barriers that hinder individuals with disabilities from moving freely within music venues. The repetition of “down” may suggest overcoming obstacles or barriers, while “moving freely” signifies the ability to navigate the space with ease. By highlighting the importance of mobility and freedom of movement, the lyrics advocate for inclusive design and accommodations that enable all attendees to participate fully in live music events.

  4. “Pick up the pace”: This line conveys a sense of urgency and forward momentum. In the context of accessibility, it could be interpreted as a call to accelerate efforts to make music venues more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities. By urging others to “pick up the pace,” the lyrics emphasize the importance of prioritizing accessibility initiatives and implementing changes quickly and efficiently. This sense of urgency reflects a commitment to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are not left behind or excluded from the live music experience.

In summary, these lines from “S4vage” by Jiluka can be interpreted as encouraging awareness, empathy, progress, and urgency in promoting accessibility and inclusivity in music venues for people with disabilities.


I honestly hope this is satire.

The funny thing about the elevator line is that an elevator is probably one of the least “free moving” things I can think of. Haha.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I love the kind of humor that chatgpt has sometimes

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The rapping femboy and the elevator thing were the best parts of this.


It’s more of the same, but it’s fine. I like it, but IMO none of these EGM songs are as good as Kumari, or as the IDOLA EP as a whole.

Except for Sena rapping. That’s hilarious, and in a good way. I want more of that. :laughing:

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