JRock/Metal songs that sound serious on their own but sound funny because of the previous track in it's release.

Mine would have to be “FATE” by Nocturnal Bloodlust. It’s a typical love song starts with him questioning why his girl didn’t answer his messages. It sounds quite emotional and poetic.
You see, it’s the last track in the OMEGA release, in which the song before it is “Defect In Perfection”, which is literally just 4 mins of him complaining about her rotten garlic breath.

I originally listened to FATE on it’s own through a Twitter post back when I first started getting into Nocturnal Bloodlust’s shit. So I viewed it way differently from how I do now after hearing the whole thing (⁠•⁠ ⁠▽⁠ ⁠• ⁠)

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“Taion”. It’s just funny how dark, brooding, and depressing the song was. y’know junko furuta and all that shit, yet the song before that, “DISCHARGE” was supposedly ruki being edgy and spouting some intellingable shit. well tbf alot of Gazette albums before TOXIC had this kind of structure (y’know, FURI songs followed by sad, and depressing ballad) but i could at least make up what he’s trying to say in OGRE, and CIRCLE OF SWINDLER, but in DISCHARGE. most of the lyrics are missing. (it’s full of (…) on the lyrics)

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Damn lol