Just sayin' hi


A lot of you probably have already seen me around but I guess it’s time to renew my introduction.

I’ve been around the VK online community for 4-5 years and into VK since 2007 (?) thanks to Gazette.

Some of my favorites who are active are dauto, sukekiyo, DEZERT, DIMLIM and xaa-xaa. In terms of favorites who are no longer active, you will find me crying about 9GOATS BLACK OUT and aicle.'s disband annually. Also I still can’t get enough of femme fatale and vidoll (pre-major) to this day.

I’m a massive weeb and into art. I have also branched out my music tastes a lot over the past year and according to Spotify, I’m in the top 4% of EXO listeners (I highly doubt the accuracy of that claim though :thinking:)

Some other non-VK favorites are Tyler, the Creator, Queen Bee (zyouu-vachi), tricot, Pabllo Vittar and whole bunch of Video Game music composers. Basically, my current music taste is all over the place and I will give anything a try.

Nice to meet you all, I’m always up for a chat so hit me up anytime :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hi, platy! Welcome~ It’s so great to see you here ^^ Totally feel you about current music tastes. Mine are all over the place as I’ve been pretty much listening to instrumentals, j-pop, vk,and whatever else, lol.


I took your advice so here I am, Platy! Great to have you on here too. I’m looking forward to this forum’s first ever trade-off :smiley:

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Welcome to the community, @platy !

I can’t get enough of VIDOLL either, but I’m the opposite. I like their poppy sound. They were really good at it honestly.

Nice to meet you here too. Hope you like our new place. :grin:

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Hello and nice to see you around here.
Getting into VK thanks to Gazette always is great, no matter when. xDD


Hello! Welcome here :smiley: Glad to see another D=OUT fan! Been a while I haven’t listened to them actually, but I enjoyed so much the album Carnival Ukiyo! I still have it! Oh and that album cover they did of traditional japanese songs, this brings so much memories! Also, glad to have you here. Cheers!

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You too? COME THRU! :star_struck: