KAKUMAY new look and new single "噛み跡" (Kami ato) release

their new look for the 6th single called “噛み跡” (Kami ato) more details in soon.

~ Individual pics

Vo. Mako (真虎)


Gt. AZAMY (アザミ)

Ba. Yuito。 (ゆいと。)

Dr. Haru (晴)


『噛み跡』 ver.https://t.co/MI8rH29m9F#KAKUMAY#KAKUMAY_噛み跡 pic.twitter.com/ekKLLGr4V7

— KAKUMAY 2/6 Zepp Shinjukuワンマン (@KAKUMAY_JP) April 3, 2024
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Make sure to put the release title in the title or it’ll be purged into the Artist thread for no reason

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I’m not going to post a title that hasn’t been officially published yet and posts about new look always was accept firstly. If there is a new update about i will do!

~Now is official release title

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let me guess they are now once again in their Dogma phase…

also damn this look could be really cool if they would try to just be actual consistent with the outfits like damn why do we have a gamer girl in the mid of all.

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Yeah looking at multiple bands here

wow gravity looks weird in their “ode to the Gazette” look
also “Azamy” stole Po’s (teletubbies) hair.

I love everyone’s except AZAMY’s look. AZAMY’s hair is just… yeah, I don’t like his hair. Mako looks amazing and I adore Yuito’s look (especially the little teddy bear LOL)

I believe rhe concept was: black and white, do what ever you want with that.

Haru’s is my favorite. But hopefully he won’t wesr this for lives. Mako’s is also pretty cool.