KAMIJO - The Anthem

I feel that Kamijo’s sound… evolved?


I don’t recall much of the live rendition so it’s like listening for the first time for me basically… and it sounds pretty cool! Love the orchestral elements meshing with the rock instrumentation. Also yeah, it’s something a little bit different but still very familiar.


The weakest part of the song is the chorus, but everything else was fresh in a way I did not expect from him. It’s a Kamijo song, definitely. But there is something new here, now I’m really hyped for this ep.

Man that was really good I liked it a lot, very excited for the whole EP

Man you can really feel the luxurious production values in the sound, the instrumentals have a really heavy grounded feeling if you get what I mean. PV also looks slick and nice. Unfortunately the main part of the song - the chorus ends up feeling a bit messy. I can feel that the catchiness is in there but somehow it just misses the mark to become that super banger.

Hyped for the EP tho, the last ballad single was really beautiful.

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About the song, I liked it a lot, the same thing happened to me as with their previous single, that I noticed a change in musical direction, or originality. I think Kamijo owes a lot of his sound to his support members and this last “team” is doing a very good job.
The only thing that can bother me is his English, which is horrible.

I didn’t like the video clip, just like the previous one, and the previous one, and the previous one… always him singing with the band and close-ups of him in slow motion. And I already hate that ponytail. but he has changed his look too much this last year, after many years with the same pants XD

Wait, he has the same pants?

I guess she would wear different ones, but the model was always the same since she started with Versailles, the back of the outfit always changed but the bottom didn’t.

Comfy pants finally ripped? :grimacing:

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She? What am I missing here?

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I feel like that is the problem with many songs in VK. D in their latter years were offenders in this regard. Too poppy and light for the overall cool, dark vibes oftentimes. But then again, I feel like writing a good chorus is particularly challenging so I understand.

That being said, this chorus itself is stronger than the average weak VK chorus and fits the flow of the overall song better imo.

Kamijos solo project of course most closely follows Versailles’ sound and he has the occasional LAREINE-isms thrown in, but this time I wanna say, it reminds me a bit of NEW SODMY mixed into his general sound direction.


Very cool! I like the mv as well :+1:t4::sparkles:

HE, sorry