Kawaii vs Kowai

I don’t think this has ever been done, so let’s give it a shot. Give your opinion of the most kawaii (cute, adorable, maybe even sickeningly cute) musician in visual kei as well as your opinion on the most kowai (scary looking or even take liberty with the definition and just down right most ugly.) along with photographic evidence to support your claim if you’d like. It’ll be interesting to see the differing opinions and whether we see anyone other than the usual suspects.

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Most Kawaii for me is Shinya from DEG:
He doesn’t age, he acts so innocent and is pretty adorable
Here are two pics of him probably taken around 20 years apart from each other

Most Kowai is probably Kyo:
He can pull off some crazy and scary looks on stage
, but sometimes he looks just like the stereotypical Asian market-holder


:sparkles: Kawaii :sparkles:

Probably either An (xaaxaa):

he reminds me of a moth. and moths are cute.

or Chiaki (DEZERT):

i find that even when he tries to be edgy and cool he still seems adorable.

special mentions:

  • ruiza (D)
  • nikki (RAZOR)
  • miyako (DEZERT)
  • hotaruchan (gulu gulu)
  • nov (The Gallo)

:jack_o_lantern: Kowai :jack_o_lantern:

Keisuke (DEVILOOF):

mostly the makeup. but he also seems pretty unpredictable so there’s that too.

or Yusuke (lynch.):

he’s stoic most of the time and that’s hella intimidating.

special mentions:

  • tsuzuku (mejibray)
  • jojo (The Gallo)
  • kagemaru (zigzag)
  • sho (zombie)
  • ricko (jiluka)

this the best and only answer xD bravo!


Mahiro (Kiryu/MyDora)
kowai bee vs. kawaii girl (hello mydora)
also he looks cute on stage but these lyrics and death voice :fearful:

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I think Kyo is both Kowai and Kawaii. I mean one minute he’s spooky ooky, the next he does this shit:
download (15)
I mean how? Like how can you be adorably scary? Ya middle age Kurami. :expressionless:


Aoi and Uruha, these 2 are adorable (๑・`◡´・๑)(◍•ᴗ•◍):heart:

Yoshiatsu used to scare me a little but it became cool.
He puts on crazy and dark vibes…

…but the next you know, he’s buying stuff for his niece in disneyland XD