Kebyo (仮病) Vo.Watanuki Miyuki (四月一日 御幸) will depart

Kebyo (仮病) has announced that Vo.Watanuki Miyuki (四月一日 御幸) will depart after his last live on 9/20 due to differences in direction. The band plans to continue activities.

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O_O i wonder who will replace him. He was good this sucks :confused:

THIS WAS THEIR ANNOUNCEMENT??? Man…this SUCKS. I didn’t see this coming…

It’s a shame, I loved his voice. :frowning:
Fumiya could be the vocalist now(?)

It won’t be the same anymore without him.


Daaaamn, that’s… damn.

Oh damn, this sucks.

:frowning: This annoys me

Nooooo!! I’m sad… It definitely won’t be the same.

Damn I didn’t expect this :confused:

Damn. The singer was the reason this band caught my attention…

i feel like for bands to keep going, it’s not a huge change if the bassist or drummer leaves, but the vocalist… i dunno, i feel like the change is too noticeable for it to stay the same.

Nah the biggest deal is always if its the main song writer is the one who leaves but yeah for kebyo one of the more unique aspects is how weird the guys voice was. Im pretty sure hinachi is the composer so some of that weirdness should still be present


Big miss!! :sob:

Hina and Ichiyo

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That’s brutal now I’m truly sad :frowning: love their act the way it is… I really hope he and Hinachi’s side project won’t be dead because of this but I don’t have high hopes lol

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while this truly sucks, doesnt he have another band/project going on with another member of this band? maybe he will do more in that way but hopefully we hear good news from him soon again

Yeah he does! He has a project with Hinagiku Hina (雛菊 雛). It is called ON’z, I do not know sadly on if this will affect it or not but lets hope it wont.

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Honestly while he was a charming vocalist and his nose band was one of the main trademark of the band, I don’t think that he is unreplaceable. It feels like he has a different singing style but it still would be something what other singers could imitate in a little time.

For me, I am really glad he will leave! In the years after their amazing album in 2019, they have been going downhill for me since what he sang started to sound unfitting, boring and uninspired to me. Really felt like he was out of ideas or didn’t fit their style anymore. Good they decided to continue the band without him since the instrumental was usually great.
However, I hope he takes a good break and comes back refreshed in one or another way, he seemed like a really nice guy.

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