kein - グラミー

Could anyone translate this song, please? I’m intrigued about the use of the word ‘homosexual’ there lol

昏睡状態 僕は 階段の音を 聞きながら

ドキドキ うれしうれし楽しい 首吊り台へ昇ろう

昏睡状態 僕は 縛られた 手首が気掛かり

ドキドキ 恐い恐い痛い 電気イスに 座ろう

昏睡状態 君は 癇を 起しているから

ドキドキ うれしうれし楽しい 君の気管を 絞めよう

昏睡状態 君は 赤い血が 沸き出ているから

ドキドキ 恐い恐い痛い 君の“脊髄” 取り出して

「no 愚かな scapegoat」

「no 俺は hetero-sexual」


「no 愚かな scapegoat」

「no 愚かな homo-sexual」


「俺の嫌いな homo-sexual」









I’ve seen these lyrics before, from my understanding it’s about the prosecution of gay people, in this context meaning the execution of homosexuals despite the bandomen themselves saying that they’re not gay themselves

Could be that it’s like “Don’t prosecute us for a crime we didn’t commit; but yet, is such a crime even a crime in itself?” in a deep metaphor sense

I might come back to this later, the lyrics are strange yet unique


yep! even not understanding it in its entirety I got very curious about it hahaha

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Comatose, I hear the noise of creaking stairs
Thumping joyfully, joyfully heart, climbing the gallows, delighted
Comatose, anxiety bind my wrists
Thumping heart, scary, scary pain. The room with electric chair
Comatose, you are becoming more nervous
Thumping joyfully, joyfully heart, delighted as you are being strangled
Comatose, your boiling, crimson blood is gushing out
Thumping heart, scary, scary pain. Your “spinal cord” extracted

No foolish scapegoat
No I am heterosexual

Decayed in water… morgue decomposition

No foolish scapegoat
No foolish homosexual
No… scap… go… at…
My hated homosexual

Breathing stops
Heartbeat stops
Breathing stops
Heartbeat stops

Ah… Meeting criminal at the gallows
The crowd applauds the sight of me convulsing