Kemi's introduction!

Hello everyone! My name is Kemi and I’m 21. I recently really got into Vkei and am really starting to dive into things at my own pace.

I initially heard some songs about 2 or 3 years ago like Romance by Buck-tick through a friend and I even made a playlist for myself last year with songs by sukekekiyo, Buck-Tick, Sugizo, Versailles, and more but I never really dived into things. I didn’t really really get into it until about 6 months ago and it’s only strengthened since then. Now I’m learning more about groups and people who have gone through different groups etc and I really love it.
I love that I can feel my emotions through a lot of the music and just enjoy to other songs too.

I’d love to make some friends that are into it as well even though I don’t know too much yet. I’m super happy to have found this site while researching things and I hope you all welcome me! :smiling_face:


Welcome! Glad you’re liking the journey so far. There is an endless supply of bands for you to discover.

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Welcoooooome (again, kind off :laughing:)

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Thank you!

Thank you again of courseeee ^-^

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Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here.