Kentaro's artworks

Nothing more to say than I’m just a furry artist ^w^ I draw both traditionally and digitally. My art style has a huge inspiration by Disney and Chuck Jones. Although my gallery mostly consists of furries, I draw other things once in a while.

I’m mostly active DeviantArt, Instagram or Twitter, where you can follow me, but let me guys know if you wanna see more on this thread :smiley:


I love your furry art so much! I hope I want to see your fanarts of V-kei bands. (or maybe bandmen as furries haha!)


Thanks! My resolution for 2021 is to make more visual kei & heavy metal themed art. I even thought about creating a furry visual kei band, set in the late 80/early 90s. Overall great idea, because there isn’t a lot of vk furry art, so I’m gonna change it for sure :grin:

I also do have some old art of j-rockers/j-metallers such as Demon Kogure and Kyoji Yamamoto (Bow Wow). I’ll definetly redraw it

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awesome, I appreciate your choice of using these colors, very good taste. :grin:

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My three latest commissions. All drawn traditionally.

Firewings the Dragon (in Korean)

Lavender the Dutch Angel Dragon (Katakana)

Flip the Husky (Katakana)


Time for some J-metal memed artwork! :metal:
First is my personalized fursona avatar with Loudness’ “Thunder in the East” reference.

And second one with Loona from Helluva Boss as the Demon Kogure. The writing on the shirt says “You shall be a wax doll” and directly refers to Seikima-II’s “Rouningyou no Yakata” song. This one also was the biggest step out of my comfort zone with multicoloured lighting.

Next up - a Visual Kei themed furry OC :wink: