Kentaro's artworks

Nothing more to say than I’m just a furry artist ^w^ I draw both traditionally and digitally. My art style has a huge inspiration by Disney and Chuck Jones. Although my gallery mostly consists of furries, I draw other things once in a while.

I’m mostly active DeviantArt, Instagram or Twitter, where you can follow me, but let me guys know if you wanna see more on this thread :smiley:


I love your furry art so much! I hope I want to see your fanarts of V-kei bands. (or maybe bandmen as furries haha!)


Thanks! My resolution for 2021 is to make more visual kei & heavy metal themed art. I even thought about creating a furry visual kei band, set in the late 80/early 90s. Overall great idea, because there isn’t a lot of vk furry art, so I’m gonna change it for sure :grin:

I also do have some old art of j-rockers/j-metallers such as Demon Kogure and Kyoji Yamamoto (Bow Wow). I’ll definetly redraw it

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awesome, I appreciate your choice of using these colors, very good taste. :grin:

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My three latest commissions. All drawn traditionally.

Firewings the Dragon (in Korean)

Lavender the Dutch Angel Dragon (Katakana)

Flip the Husky (Katakana)

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