KIZU new digital single "鬼" (Oni) release

The new digital single “Oni” will be released on 2024. 5. 13.

New look:


:eyes: now this look has me interested on what the songs will be.

Kizu is the only band that I love sonically, but visually I feel so underwhelmed every time

Its a fantastic look lol! Cant wait

7 years they have released as many singles as those bands that are like “ah, yeah I’m in a band what songs have released? about 3”
every dvd release is the same.

I think they played a teaser of this on their livestream today - sounded very fitting to their current direction, but interesting enough to me to care

this makes me hope for some traditional japanese inspired sound. This mix is always interesting

Moderately excited

Go Kizu, make me fall in love with you again!


The look is promosing. Funnily I did not care for them until recently but than people here started complaining so I looked into them and they are fantastic. Haha. People here complaining is an indicator for good music for me, sorry.


I casually enjoy this band and was also surprised how often they’ve been labeled as ‘overrated.’ Bee-autiful Days was killer and Ningen Shikkaku was a good follow up so I’ll be looking forward to this release.


Current direction? These guys release so little it’s hard to tell what that would be isn’t it? Haha. Last single was pretty good though so hoping for more of that. :slight_smile:

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Individual pics~

Vo. Lime (来夢)


Ba. YUE (ユエ)

Dr. Kyounosuke (きょうのすけ)


Great look—I too am moderately excited. I wonder if they will ever release an actual album.



That name tho, its like an american rock band would release a single with the title “demon” or “devil”

Every popular band is called overrated :smirk:


Sample is out

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It’s cool, I think I can hear some of the stuff they’ve been experimenting with recently being put to use here. The changes in their music are gradual and take place over time, and I appreciate their discography throughout, but I’m still going to say that their post-Kataki output doesn’t compare favorably to the stuff that came before it. Maybe if I’ll keep repeating it, Lime’s going to notice the feedback and be persuaded to release an album (he won’t)


Its already available to streaming


I actually like it. At first I was worried that it was gonna be another ballad. I like the way it starts, the chorus, the instruments. Overall an enjoyment for me.
Hoping for more sooner than later, but we’ll probably see another few live dvd releases before we see another single lol


Okay I think I get what the whole idea was with Bee-autiful days:
That was their final step to their metaphosis into Queen Bee (straight version).

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