Knosis UK and Europe tour in November

Knosis (Ryo Kinoshita, ex. Crystal Lake) is going on a UK tour as a support act for Stray from the Path (US) in November. Other support acts include Make Them Suffer (AUS) and Void of Vision (AUS).

Stray From The Path twitter

The tweets wouldn’t embed properly in the preview so I just added the picture and a link, hope that’s fine


UPDATE: They’ll tour Europe as well! Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain and Switzerland dates have been added!
Seriously, am I old and technologially challenged because I can’t embed the tweets properly?

Stray from the Path twitter


I’ve seen Stray From The Path live and I must say you do not wanna miss out on seeing those guys! Their energy is great and their songs are fire!

Nah, its not only you, all communities based on discourse, like ours, have a problem with twitter links not embedding.

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