Koi NO Yamai (恋ノ病) - "恋ノ病" (Koi no Yamai) 2nd press release

New Release:
Koi NO Yamai (恋ノ病)(Now Shunka-) will realease a new Mini-Album:
Koi NO Yamai - Mini-Album 2nd Press.
It consits of 7 Songs re-recorded with new mixes + 1 additional Track.

Album Cover:


To add to this, the tracks will all be re-recordings i.e. different mixes of the originals.


band’s name is Koi no Yamai


Ah no, the Mini Album is called Koi No Yamani. It’s a re-release from thre previouse Band, which got the same name.

Thanks for the clarification, I wasn’t sure about this yet. Tahnk you ! :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s Koi no Yamai

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I know, that’s Koi No Yamani is there previouse Band, but they release there Mini-Album Koi No Yamani as Shunka as 2nd Press re-recording.
I probably wrote it a bit bad, will change it.

Yes, from what I understand it’s a 2nd press of Koi NO Yamai’s “Koi NO Yamai” mini-album but under the name -Shunka-. I can ask to confirm if needed!


He stated it a few months back already that’s he wants to re-record it since he isn’t happy with the outcome under there previouse Band.
So, you 're right :slight_smile:

The 2nd press will be 2 discs and the first 7 people to order a copy will also receive the jacket (cover) of the 1st press version:


I’m hyped af.

There will be 7 Songs + 1 additional Song.
More infos will be coming Out next month.

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I got confirmation it will be released under the name Koi NO Yamai (恋ノ病) instead of 蕣花-Shunka-. You can update the title of this thread and the original post to update this!


To be released on July 15th and the tracklist is confirmed to be 7 songs. The original 6 songs from the first press are all remastered and it also includes a brand new song “Higuma-kun MARCH (ひぐまくんのマーチ)” which I believe is an SE or originally was an SE.

The release can be reserved via DMing vocalist hinata (暖空) on Twitter and the first 7 reservations also get the jacket of the first press edition! It will cost 1,500 JPY within Japan and 1,500 JPY + 1,000 JPY for shipping overseas (subject to change).

I definitely recommend this band!

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