Koichi (ex - Mejibray) saying he's not visual kei or something i don't know xd

This article doesn’t explain why Mia and Meto do nothing and that kinda fcks over the whole theory.

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They can get away with openly talking about Mejibray and still supporting other vk bands, so this is only affecting Koichi and Tsuzuku.

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Bambi: No evidence of me ever doing VK

Well, I guess it’s time to make my Koichi Mejibray Pinterest board public


Not a mejibray fan (not hating on their fans though!) but being part of the scene here I have heard things of their behind the scenes stuff that further turned me off to them.
Seems like he is just dealing with the trouble that comes after you let some sketchy folks create your career as a formulated idol group where they put up the money and you sign over your soul.
There are tons of examples of bands/bandmembers having to quit at their peak because of this.
sucks for the fans T_T


spill the tea tho

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meh, kinda obvious if they dont have control over themselves and other guys cant make stuff on their own >.<;; fill in za blanks

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idk if anyone saw but it seems he went and retweeted every single person who replied with his old vkei photos

and some people said he was dissing genki too in some of his tweets?
i don’t really care for them so idk if that happened


and i hate you too Koichi (ex - Mejibray)!!! :sneezing_face:

People have dug up some oooold stuff

quite the glow-down though

and he was retweeting all of it. I always did say mejibray and its members kept the scene alive with their shenanigans lol

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Once visual, always visual. You can never escape the scene Koichi ^___^

the chin job is obvious

She probably saying that the thing hw did thus far was her way of life, and refuse to name that lifestyle she chooses as VK or whatever :thinking:

It ia probably one of those stuck up, “don’t label me”, tweet

‘‘He’’ If you are talking abt koichi