Kra new album "新色の涙" release

Kra is releasing a new album titled “新色の涙”(shinshoku no namida) on 2023/09/13.
8 songs / 2 types. Tracklist currently unavailable.

#Kra アルバムタイトル決定!

2023年 9月13日(水)発売
[CD] 8曲収録予定

◆DLカード付 初回限定盤
[CD] 8曲収録予定

— Kra_staff (@kra_staff) June 30, 2023


Never got into this band, but props to them for keeping it going after all these years.


Bassist is a beast. He is really the key of this project

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Love these guys. Been into them pretty much from the start. New album seems suspiciously short, though.

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Damn Kra is one of those bands I kind of feel bad for (LMC is another one). They have a pretty solid discography with many good songs and still release decent stuff, but I feel that no one cares about them. They cant be making much money on their music, if even any… :fearful:

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I like the new songs but why does this “full” album only have eight tracks? What is this? I hate this new trend

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Yeah a full album should at least have like 13 tracks, no?

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The verse sounded ok then comes the super disappointing generic chorus. Damn, sorry :cold_face:

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are they the last active PSC band?

I never really cared for them, but it’s so strange to see they outlasted everyone else on the label, except for gazette.

I’m surprised Japan does not care about them either, judging by the venue sizes.
they seem to put out exactly same things that major acts like sid, etc are releasing, but with no fanfare at all.


Sadly no one seems to care about them. I wonder if they even have any fans left?
They have always been kind of a hidden gem band for me tho, they have some really good songs in their discography.

I really have no clue where their career derailed tbh, psc running their affairs + that kind of sound really seem like the formula for mainstream success over there

what would be some? I’ve completely dismissed them very early on

Kra has a long standing history with them i think??? Im not too familar with the band history on this one. What i do know is PSC and vkei has some weird history behind them. I feel like there is some veil of secrecy behind it :thinking:

Born kicked the bucket cuz Ryoga (猟牙) disbanded them due to “musical direction”

(When tbh they could have just stuck with the bands direction, they were already going down the razor route when KIFUMI left :confused:)

I think also RAVE (レイヴ) had issues with the record label and left them in 2018 but i dont know the full details behind that.

Overall kra is a good band. I feel like they are the grandparents of PS COMPANY lol

sorry for the offtopic post, but BFN were never with PSC tho???

Were they? oh my bad i must have been mistaken.

correct; they were signed by b.p. records

they had a limited-time contract and did not renew it once it expired, but they also didn’t last long after departing PSC.

I miss when Tomomi was active on the scene level, she clearly knew how to manage her acts, but couldn’t rule indie VK forever.

there’s a Japanese interview with her somewhere online where she mentions going through a heart attack because one of her artists plagiarized a song, and she didn’t know that, I wonder if she was referring to born without naming them, because she parted ways with everyone else leaving PSC w/o making anything dramatic.