Kurosaki Mahiro (Kiryu) temporary withdrawal

Vocalist Kurosaki Mahiro of Kiryu will be in hiatus starting after December 25th for treatment of anxiety/depression. Kiryu will continue activities as 3 people.

Just posted now, after his birthday concert…

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These guys just need to let this band go. Between Takemasa getting hell for getting married and having a family to Mahiro literally going blind and having mental health problems, it’s just not worth it anymore. They’ve gone on long enough.

edit: also fuck their management especially, they’re enabling all this


It’s frustrating because NONE of them want to stop the band, but despite their relative success, they get NO breaks for health or personal reasons…even the fans are like “they’re all around 40 THEY AINT YOUNG LET EM REST AND GET MARRIED and then keep doing their music later lol” but someone is still pushing them with this insane schedule.

Honestly I feel like it might be a matter of Mitsuki being an insane workaholic that kind of enables this insane schedule…apparently he had been teasing a 47 prefecture tour a month or so ago??? NOBODY WANTS THAT BUT YOU! Idk what kind of crack he’s on that keeps him churning out music and never getting tired or touring, but the others aren’t on it. Yes, it’s probably the label pushing everything in reality, but I feel like he’s the one that would have the most power (but also least likely) to say NO.


I think they have to need a break :pensive:.

aww poor Mah-tan :frowning: let our babies rest and let any workaholics work with other bands who need workaholics :open_mouth:

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