Yes, KGF are (kinda?) back!
It’s unknown if they’re gonna release new music though.

What we know:

  • Their discography is up on all streaming/download services, even remastered
  • DVD release in full HD (yay, 2021!)
  • Their homepage only says “2021年、KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIENDを「再定義」する。” which means that they’re “redefining” KGF. Could mean that they’re just releasing the DVD and music on streaming services, but also new stuff?
  • Edit: Their tweet says KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIENDの全活動履歴のアーカイブ化を目指し、コンテンツ拡充予定。随時更新。(“We plan to expand the content with the aim of archiving the entire activity history of KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND. Updated from time to time.”), so it might just be the DVD and digital releases…


Comeback trailer:

Trailer for the release of their DVD FAR EASY LULLABY:

Trailer for their streaming announcement:


Awesome. Even if there aren’t any new releases this is nice of them to make their stuff easy to access.

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I was just talking about how this disbanded band hit me hard!

YES. I love them. Absolute VK essential classic.

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Crazy! Yes please!

Anyone else watching Far East Lullaby today on the YouTube Channel?