Lacroix Despheres new single 「Resurrection Symphony」

A new single is going to be announced by them after their 3 hour countdown that is currently live on their website
It will be exciting to see new music by them after 7 years :slight_smile:
Here is a little leak of the information

[2021.10.10] Resurrection Symphony
01 Resurrection Symphony
02 Resurrection Symphony (Instrumental)
03 Resurrection Symphony (Orchestral)

Released on various music distribution services startin Sunday, October 10, 2021:
Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify. deezer and TIDAL

Vocal: 翔 [Sho]
Soprano: 紗夜 [Saya]
Piccolo, Flute 1&2: 水貴 [Mizuki]
Oboe, Cor anglais: 智美 [Satomi]
Guitar: ペジョ [Pegeot]
Guitar: 天佑 [Ten-yu]
Bass: Naoki
Drums: YUKI (from Versailles)
Clarinet: Nobuaki Motohama, Tomoaki Kato
Bass Clarinet: Tomoaki Kato
Horn 1~4: Takashi Naito
Strings: The Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra
Music, Orchestration & Lyrics: 翔 [Sho]
Recording Studio: Office Lacroix Studio, Bulgarian National Radio Studio 1, BAZOOKA STUDIO
Mixing & Mastering Studio: Sona Corporation Studio
Recording Engineer: Marco Streccioni, Yuji Yoshida, Sho Amano
Mixing Engineer (Dolby Atmos & Stereo): Teruo “Mu-” Murakami
Mastering Engineer (Dolby Atmos & Stereo): Tomomi Aibara


omg they alive