L'Arc-en-Ciel new box set "L'Album Complete Box -Remastered Edition-" release

L’Arc-en-Ciel will release a new box set titled “L’Album Complete Box -Remastered Edition-” on 2022/05/18 to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

The box set will contain remastered versions of their studio albums from “Tierra” to “BUTTERFLY” (11 in total).

Link to purchase and stream.

Source: L’Arc-en-Ciel OHP


Is the “box” the new money making scheme by vk bands?


I was already shocked at the price before realizing theres no dvds

No Dune, no me.

  • names the box set “complete”
  • says it’s for their 30th anniversary
  • but doesn’t include DUNE???

Okay, I can kinda get it, DUNE already had an expanded and remastered edition apropos of the 10th anniversary of its release, but come ooon… :slight_smile:


For Dune, I think it’s understandable because the 10th was already really great in term of mixing / mastering.

But I admit I don’t get the point of this box. Remastered? C’mon, we already have a ton of Best Of with famous tracks already remastered. Some of their albums need remixing (from Tierra to Smile imo), not a remaster. Awake, Kiss, Butterfly… Why?

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*facepalm *
I’m sure someone somewhere thought this was very clever.


They’ve been doing this for 70 years already, I bet at this point they programmed their keyboard like this already


I would rather see them disbanding at this point, they have been doing this for the last 10 years without releasing any interesting material.

Probably this guy
Florent L’Belle from Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies


I don’t know if people are going to listen to the same songs as always in a stadium, if they go for the only 2 new tracks, for how HYDE will be dressed, or for the stage and the staging.
I can’t understand the continued success.
is that the tracklist is always similar in all their shows except 6 songs per tour.

We finally have an answer as to why they didn’t have DUNE on there.

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gonna cry when Dune LP comes in the mail

@Missa Are you a LE-CIEL member?

No. There’s a version available for purchase with member benefits, and then a standard edition without those bonuses.

I mean, not getting the FEEL OF DUNE sticker is a crushing blow undoubtedly, but I’ll survive

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Oh okay I was just wondering because I’d be curious to know if it’s worth it or not especially since they have regular and digital versions lol

For sure. I’m always interested in taking the FC plunge for bands, but I can’t ever bring myself to do it lol, seems like a hassle

Celebrating the release of DUNE Remastered, three clips from the album landed on YT