Last Alliance announcement?

I’m not sure what it says since I can’t read Japanese, but this was posted on their official Twitter account and was quote-retweeted by the Bonez account. Is it a comeback? Please help if you can read it!

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their tweet and account, no text accompanied it

[Notice to everyone from LAST ALLIANCE] Guitarist Shin Sano will not be able to perform at the Yakiniku Rock Festival on July 16th. I feel sorry for everyone who was looking forward to it. Keita of ex-TRIBAL CHAIR will play with guitar support. There is no Sano, but Ansai, Matsumura, Hiroshi, Keita will play with all their might. Thank you for your warm understanding. I will rush to the extent of Sanogo! See you at the Yakifes venue! All of LAST ALLIANCE

That’s the google translate version

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oh boo, what can you do i guess lol
appreciate it!