Last thing you bought (General)

I went to my first convention today and found this (i dont have a genesis to play this lmao)
I wish i came with bigger budget lol

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Got a boat load of Drakengard stuff. The 10th anniversary boxset is beautifully put together with a lot of fantastic artwork for the series (including Nier). There’s just something about the world, characters and music that keep me drawn in.

Drakengard 3 10th anniversary box
Drakengard 3 guide book
Nier Replicant (jp)
Drakengard 1 OST
Drakengard 2 OST
Drakengard 3 OST


That floor is immaculate. Also, nice Drakengard pick up!

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I take pride in a squeaky clean floor!

And thanks! It might be my favorite collector’s/special edition of all time. There’s a lot of neat little things like scripts from the games, a chiptunes CD with lo-fi renditions from the games, and tons of art.

Bought some Rhys Cooper Mastodon posters from the tour I went to last year. These versions were sold at other stops on the tour, so I wasn’t able to buy them at the show. The artist put some extras for sale on his website about six months ago and I just got around to framing them today!


Ooo those look GOOD