Last thing you bought (General)

We have a thread for music-related things we’ve bought, but I thought I’d revive this classic MH thread for everything else. If you’re a shop-a-holic like me, then come share all the needless things you spent your hard earned money with!

My recent purchase was this cheetoh puff plushie. I bought the tiny one from like over a year ago, but the big one was in stock so I finally grabbed one.


This game digitally


I also bought a Pokémon related item(s): Some cards

NZXT H1 Mini Pro


Bought an assortment of things from Amazon but I got two cool things in particular.

Compressed air blower so I can stop buying cans of compressed air and then being disappointed when I use it once and it’s all gone.


E-bow so I can annoy my neighbors with sustained noise.


I may be a minimalist, but one thing I do collect is coffee equipment.


My latest purchase is this Kinto Slow Coffee Style 600ml server and this Origami Dripper Air with the stand. I have Kalita Wave filters coming today because they fit the shape of the Origami dripper perfectly as they’re hexagonal shaped like it with all of the ridges etc.

This is all home equipment except for the micro dripper next to the metal and plastic scoops. Excuse the mess trying to take pictures and make coffee at the same time.

Lastly is this cute mug I got from RIVERS made of titanium for hiking. I got it to replace coffee cups since in Japan a standard cup is 6oz as opposed to 8 or more in the states.



I love Kinto products. My sister used to be a barista and the cafe she worked at used their products. Their cups are lovely.

I bought this in late December


They’re very aesthetic. I have a travel tumbler made by them as well. I used to have a set that came with a carafe and a metal filter but it broke.

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I recently bought a new external hard drive disc with 4 TB storage. It’s so tiny that it does fit into my hand. I gotta say I like the icy blue color, looks kind of elegant :snowflake::blue_heart:


The last thing I bought are these pencils. I enjoy drawing even tho I am not very good at it and spending on drawing supplies is fun for me


Very good purchase. Faber Castell pencils are really good for drawing but also very expensive. If I see it right, these are Polychromos pens?

Enjoy drawing and have fun with them! :smiley:

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Yes, they are Polychromos. I was thinking about buying them for some time because I bought three shades of red pencils from this set before and they are super good. I got lucky and was able to buy these on sale. Thank you I will surely enjoy my drawing. You too enjoy drawing and have fun whenever you create something

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Questyle QP2R (Landed it for nearly the price of a new Sony Walkman. I would’ve never bought this new :sweat_smile: )


I don’t know what kind of player that is, but I’m in love with the analog-looking knob at the top right.

It’s a couple years old at this point, one of the first Class A Bias DAPs (Digital Audio Players), and it has enough juice to power some full-size headphones (particularly Focal ones.) It will play PCM, DSD, and basically all the music formats you can think of. It markedly beat out many of the Astell&Kern options punching above an already ridiculous price-range.

These days high-end “dumb” (non-Android) delta-sigma DAPs have largely declined in popularity since the relatively new R2R DAPs are the new kids on the block for the upper-end and Android-based for everything else. Presumably the guy who sold it to me is moving on to something like an L&P P6 (/Pro) which is just wayy too out there for me price-wise.

*One important thing I forgot to mention (likely doesn’t have to be, given what it looks like) is that this can’t do streaming or anything beyond playing local files (and as an external DAC.) Most peeps are opting for the Android-based ones. However, one of my main gripes with Android DAPs are the cost to battery performance and also coming reeally close to a phone.


Damn, this is beyond my level of experiencing audio but it sounds really cool. I can’t imagine dropping $1200 for a digital media player so I can’t fathom what that high end version would cost.

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Yeah, I only paid $325 for this one, so I lucked out immensely. The Luxury & Precision P6 Pro is $3899 new :scream: . The goal with hifi is to always buy used (which is 85% of my gear.)

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Nice! That’s a steal compared to retail! DAMN, that’s a pricey player! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering how expensive the hobby can get, but still pretty crazy how much these things can cost. Congrats on the purchase!

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Physically, I bought Sony headphones (MDR-7506). I recommend it!
Digitally, I bought the new song from Nao’ymt + Marika - 朝までまだ時間はある. I also recommend it!