La'veil MizeriA Gt.魔琴 (Makoto) will depart

La’veil Mizeria Gt.魔琴 (Makoto) will depart sometime at the end of the year.

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This band can’t keep a guitarist. First Jaki now Makoto.

Jaki left?? Why?

I wonder if they’ll find someone to replace him

He left to form his own solo project. Looks like Seina (Misanthrope) has been doing support drums for them again this month.

Makoto will depart after the band’s next (and last) live of the year on 12/10 at 寝屋川VINTAGE. That live is limited to males only, which is why the following tweet is a farewell from today’s live on 12/8 with all fans.

rukia should join