LEREVE will resume activities + 3-month consecutive singles release

LEREVE, an underground act originally active from 2014~2016, has resumed activities on Christmas 2023 and have announced their 3-month release campaign. This will be their first release in 9 years.

their 1st single, “Voice from Moon” has been released on 2/22
their 2nd single “Call My Name” has been released today on 3/23
their 3rd single is expected in April


Vo.傀 (Kai)
Gt/Keys.Taiga (ex.SEFIRA → LEREVE → Re;xy → REGENE (リジェーヌ) (as Coco))
support Dr.慈瑠 (zil) (ex.Nadia → GIBALTE (ジバルト) → XIAN (シアン) (support) → MAZERAN (マゼラン), More (roadie))

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3rd single, “LEREVE” has been released on 5/27

they will also hold their first live in 8 years on 8/27 at Shinjuku club Science