Let me Present Myself

Hello Guys

Thank for the Welcome here I feel like Heaven
I from United Stated
Original i am Puerto Rican :puerto_rico:
I listen Rock (metalcore ) music
Visual Kei

I have 2 nickname maybe you know me like DARKSWEET because my nickname for Ygopro I playing Yugioh😍 I love the Game my favorite.

I Love have lot friends from Different Country

Visual Kei like Worldwide

My First Time Visual Kei I remember when Sadie And ScreW Active long time ago when DIR EN GREY sing OBSCURE lol I meet lot guys Spanish from Chile ,Mexico ,Peru and other Country Chinese ,Japanese
I remember when I see online one visual kei artist piggs…

I remember when UNDERCODE exist
NEGA sweet that time

Still miss BLACK:LIST ,XODIACK , ReDrum,アヲイ,D.I.D.

Thank for let me Enjoy here


I never realized that you haven’t introduced yourself till now

A late and overdue, welcome to the forum!

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Nice introduction, DESTINYGUY! Your status updates were my favorite on MH :sweat_smile:

It is sad that the Undercode days are gone…

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