LiSA new album "LEO-NINE" and new single "HOMURA"

LiSA has released both a new album (LEO-NINE) and a new single (HOMURA) on October 14th.

LEO-NINE tracklist :
1 - play the world! (Ft. Pablo (JP))
2 - 紅蓮華 (Gurenge)
3 - 晴レ舞台 (Harebutai)
4 - マコトシヤカ (Makotoshiyaka)
5 - ​cancellation
6 - 愛錠 (Aijo)
7 - 赤い罠 (Akai Wana)
8 - わがままケット・シー (Wagamama Cait Sith)
9 - Unlasting
11- 1センチ (1centi) Lyrics
12 -ハウル (Howl)

You can watch below play the world! feat Pablo from PTP :

Homura tracklist :
1 - Homura

You can listen to it here :

Homura is the theme song that was used in newest Demon’s Slayer movie “Infinity train”

It’s a huge success has she achieved lots in term of sale in not very long.

She is the first japanese musican to rank in the Global Billboard.

On October 20th it was announced by Oricon that LiSA has just been the FIRST Japanese artist in HISTORY to achieve 1st place in 7 different categories AT THE SAME TIME.

1st place in the weekly classification with physical sales of “Homura”
1st place in the weekly classification with digital sales of “Homura”
1st place in the weekly streaming ranking
1st place of points added CD + DOWNLOAD + STREAMING
1st place in the weekly ranking with physical sales of “LEO-NiNE”
1st place in the weekly ranking with digital sales of “LEO-NiNE”
1st place of points added CD + DOWNLOAD + STREAMING

Notice : I really enjoy her music and I’m proud of her! She’s amazing!


Spotify link: LEO-NiNE - Album by LiSA | Spotify
Apple Music link: ‎LEO-NiNE by LiSA on Apple Music
YouTube Music link: YouTube Music

Support her! I love her so much! :blue_heart:


Gurenge’s popularity is insane. The song is only one and a half year old, but it has been widely covered and has gained most views on YouTube in the anison category as if it’s gonna be the new anime anthem.

LiSA’s performances are full of energy as well as her powerful voice. Homura is such a beautiful ballad too. Complete different feeling from Gurenge. I can’t wait to see the new Demon’s Slayer movie. It will be available here next month.


Indeed, I listen to Gurence on a daily basis haha, love that performance :

I hope I get to see the new movie too! I don’t know when though haha. At first, I wasn’t sure about Demon’s Slayer, but once I saw the fights, especially when Tojiru use fire against that spider dude, OMG, it was SO good.

But back to LiSA, I agree, her perfomances live are magical, when I saw that Adamas live, I was like OMFGHASIFDJASDF, when she hits the drum, it’s like, wow. I’m also glad to see Pablo playing with her, as he is a guest musican on stage with her, and now he’s in a song with her, so cool :slight_smile: Keeping PTP alive.

I also enjoy Eir Aoi a lot too :slight_smile: Mostly because I discover both of them because of Sword Art Online’s intro/ending.


Off Topic: I’m glad you enjoyed Demon Slayer! It’s for real in my Top 5 of all time. It took me by surprise. I ended up reading all the manga after finishing the first season) but if the manga is any indication of where the anime is going (which it is), the anime is going to be a true classic one day, most definitely. Like, along the lines of Evangelion, Attack on Titan, etc.


Thanks for links! :heart:

Woah that’s amazing! Well deserved She’s great :slight_smile:

Ohh another Demon Slayer fan I see, read the Manga in one go too, can’t wait for it to be fully animated!


She won the Japan Record Award!!!