List of Visual Kei Artists with Releases Available for Purchase on OTOTOY

For me OTOTOY is damned near impossible to navigate for visual kei, so I thought it’d be nice to have a master list of the artists/bands who have their stuff on there.

One from me:


For some artists, you’ll still need a Japan IP address to purchase from OTOTOY.








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Anyways, the best way to search on OTOTOY is to select and album, scroll down, and look at the “Users who bought this album also bought” carousel and just artist hop. Also, if it’s on OTOTOY it’s likely to mirror Deezer (a lossless streaming service.) Make of that what you will.


Here are some more that haven’t been mentioned yet I think:

(there are also other Starwave Records bands, if you click on the label name)

(there’s also another ZIZ profile with their latest songs, just to confuse things, lol)

(If I remember correctly some of the B-T stuff is region-restricted sadly)


Didn’t know about KYOKUTOU GIRL FRIEND, that’s dope!

Also amazing to see グルグル映畫館 on there with their releases being quite difficult to get a hold of physically - at least that’s how I remember it from the mid/late 2000s :thinking:

emmurée have quite a sizeable offering on there as well!


Yes, I love how even though neither of them are active anymore but they made an effort to put their stuff up recently, in the last few months (well, Guruguru didn’t provide everything but it’s still a sizeable list)! Videoglamour also did similarly.

Sometimes you can see older acts (not necessarily vk but in the realm of J-rock or proto-vk) putting up most of their catalogue but usually those old releases are all blocked for non-Japanese buyers…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, emmurée also appeared there. I think with these older bands maybe the social isolation and virus situation could have had a hand in sparking their interest in digital platforms.

I have no idea how well services like OTOTOY compensate the artists but it’s certainly a blessing for international fans^^

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I’d say almost all, if not all of it for vk, is done though for multi-platform (which also uses that’s used in the Western Market.) While I noticed the adoption start to happen with the release of Line Music and Apple Music (mid-2010s), I think the pandemic has expedited that process.

I guess their model is enticing enough for artists (esp. independent ones.) I’ll have to go through the site in more detail.


THE VELVET just added a part of their discography too:

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gives (ex.R-Shitei bassist’s project) just dropped a new re-recording/remix album, and a number of their other releases can also be found here:

yep! tunecore for sure.
Line music is def picking up here too with bangya. >.<;;

just to add to the list
hide and hide with spread beaver is on there too ^v^

Got to listen to hide’s master files at INA’s studio once in hi-res,
it was cool and all but the fact that most literally everyone cannot differentiate high quality mp3s, cds, and lossless audio. But I think this service is really good for giving the artists a better cut from the sales as everything is priced higher.

Here’s some more I came across:

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Two more for the list, these guys put up new stuff today too:

Both of these bands with new releases that dropped today:

@admins I dont remember if this previously existed but wasn’t there a similar thread that listed all the sites available for purchase and there was a google docs spread sheet?

You probably mean this topic: J-rock online master list

This topic is different because it’s for the releases on OTOTOY where people can purchase digital music files from, not just streaming.

Ototoy section was added to the master list for input. I guess a second thread cant hurt for it since its for download. Thank you for linking it i actually couldnt find the post before this :slight_smile:

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Oh, I see. So this topic is dedicated to OTOTOY and accessible publicly with clickable links to purchase.

I just noticed that a good chunk of a ton of old PSC artists’ catalogues are up too~

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