List of Visual Kei Bands with Shops Who Cater to/Ship Overseas

It’d be awesome to have a list of all of the VK bands with shops who either cater to overseas fans or at least ship overseas. :smiley:


i honestly have 0 clue if this information holds up while we’re dealing with a pandemic but glamscure and in general starwave records offer overseas shipping (although for starwave you have to send them an email first)


The Ghost inside of Me’s shop is overseas fans friendly.
But they are gaijin friendly in general, their Twitter is both in japanese and english.


David (SUI Solo project) Wizard Store does send overseas!


Also Nicolas webshop start to ship overseas and Narciss live house webshop too
I’m sure other band webshop ship overseas,if some other come to my mind I’ll edit here
Oh,also Hora ship oversea

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Glamscure & Choke both do It. !:slight_smile:

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Doku also ship overseas

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Still? Looks like they have united states on shipping and they have details for overseas shipping and doesn’t say anything about emailing them that I can tell. :thinking:

This was a year ago so I’m not sure how it is now but I bought one of their singles and a poster and never received it

Sarigia has one, it´s pretty reliable and once they figured out how your adress works they are relatively fast.

I’m not exactly sure when they started shipping overseas, just that it was some time last year.

Wow they really do, even selling music videos, never seen that before.

Has zoisite started shipping overseas again? There’s a notice on the site about suspending overseas shipping.

not sure if it counts but any band that uses booth can technically ship overseas since booth has buyee intergrated in it.

Does anything made with STORES technically ship overseas? :thinking:

Not all of them, ie, deadman’s official webshop.

Have you tried since the pandemic died down? Still need to email Starwave?

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Got an email from them saying “hello

We can ship our package to foreign country.
Please try to buy!” so should be fine lol

Anyone discover anymore this year?