LM.C new CD "LM.C HALLOWEEN TOUR 2023「†We’re Happy Zombies†」" release

LM.C new CD “LM.C HALLOWEEN TOUR 2023「†We’re Happy Zombies†」” will be vailable for orders since 2023/09/23 until 2023/09/29 throught their officiel webshop
it includes CD, Blu-ray, M-CARD and 52-page booklet (10000yen)

<1CD+1Blu-ray+52P Booklet+M Card>
① CD
1.JOKER -2023-
2.Knight Bus
3.JOKER -2023- -Instrumental-
4.Knight Bus -Instrumental-

② Blu-ray Disc
JOKER -2023- Music Video

③ ハイレゾ音源ダウンロードカード
収録曲 : CDと同内容

④ Booklet
☆TOUR 2023「†We’re Happy Zombies†」終演後サイン会参加券付き

Woo!!! Anyone know if Joker is a remake from gimmical impact??

would assume that considering the “-2023-”

Damn wasn’t their latest single also another old song? Back in 2021…

Seems like they spent some money on the video, but its still an old song… :roll_eyes:
Wonder how its going for them… creative bankruptcy?

New look ~

💥2024 NEW LM.C公開💥

今年は「LM.C Club Circuit '24 -Spring-」が台湾も含め14ヵ所16公演のツアーで開催決定‼️



オミノガシナクッ💨💨 pic.twitter.com/oz4aB35mTX

— LM.C official (@LMC_staff) January 4, 2024

I personally love the remakes, especially of this era, bringing back classics! The last remake of just like this was alright but that song is pretty recent anyways :frowning:

Wow the bands a skeleton crew what happened :open_mouth:

Didn’t they have like 4 or 5 members?

I thought they were the only official members and everyone else is support.



Honestly that’s wild considering this bands popularity back then. Interesting :thinking: