Looking for a song from 2005-2010 or earlier

Hi all, a short introduction of me - in my late 20s I started to dive into the world of Japanese music and anime, although I’ve been exposed to it since I was a kid. I don’t speak Japanese and that’s probably the biggest obstacle in the main thread of this post.

Around 2005-2010 an online friend showed me a song that I’m still looking for today. He sent it to me as a file or it was available on vimeo or dailymotion (definitely not youtube, but maybe that doesn’t matter?).
Key points about the song:

  • the singer is male
  • it started with a shamisen introduction and then smoothly transitioned to normal guitar music (rock)
  • the music video was probably in a traditional tea house, ryokan
  • the singer sang at a medium tempo, but the closer to the chorus, the faster he sang, the chorus itself was not fast, but very melodic
  • right after the chorus (I don’t know if after every chorus) there was an extraction with a man in a kabuki mask who had a harsh voice and was rather shouting (probably something along the lines of “kera kera kera kera”, but I don’t know Japanese)
  • I met this song around 2005-2010, but it could have been recorded much earlier
  • stylistic like soft visual key, traditional x visual key
  • (least important because I might be remembering it wrong) the vocalist looked like Orochimaru from Naruto

Anyway, please help?


This sounds like it could be Ouka Sakisome ni Keri by D

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This one is the closest to what I’m looking for in terms of music video and vocalist image, however the music here is like too much power metal I guess, gonna dig the band more


Just based on this part I’m gonna guess Psycho le Cému - Yume kazaguruma. :eyes:

Also hey there, welcome~ :smiley:


I literally love you, I’ve been looking for this song for the last 10 years and now I’m crying ;_; thank you!


No problem, glad to help! If you haven’t checked out the band’s other stuff, it’s quite good, give it a try!

and the singer looks a bit like orochimaru @Jigsaw ? :sweat_smile: :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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haha that’s what made me think of Asagi as a possibility

In my defense, I have no idea who or what an Orochimaru is (never seen Naruto). :nerd_face:

masaka :dizzy_face: