Looking for an underground band's cd

Clothoid÷doll, they’re my favourite band! Yet I swear I have actually shed a tear before just searching for any of their merch…

I’ve only seen one picture of a physical CD of theirs - ‘Vice Versa’. Is it possibly still for sale anywhere? I tried searching their name on various marketplaces to no avail.

Also I swear I saw their ‘Paganism’ for sale on a site that I can’t seem to access anymore ?? (Rarezhut if I recall correctly).

The band has rare stuff, so u will not see someone selling. if yes will be expensive. thats it!

Yeah… Unfortunately I’ve come to learn this recently. Thanks anyway!

Rarezhut closed last year, so I would have better luck looking at Mercari JP or Yahoo Auctions and buy it by proxy sites.

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Aah, I see. Thanks for the recommendations!