Looking into getting a dog

I technically have a dog but he’s a family dog and therefore lives with my parents. I since moved in with my boyfriend into a new house. Unfortunately since we live in a HOA we have breed restrictions, but I’ve been doing a lot of research on Australian Shepards and think they’re the perfect match for our lifestyle.

Also found a reputable breeder in my area. It might be a few more months, but I’m just curious if anyone here has an aussie? I don’t believe in bad breeds, but I wanna make sure I’m making the right decision for me and the dog.

We were looking into getting one, but apparently they don’t play well with cats and we have two.

Have you thought about adopting a dog? Instead of taking them from a breeder?

You could get a dog that was before already with cats then

Adoption will always be an option for us, I’m always looking at the humane society. Plus there are rescues around our area.

I would like to get a puppy however, so it’ll grow up used to cats since we have two senior cats.(who have experience with dogs already)

Because of the size restriction in our area, I felt an Australian shepherd would work best. The breeder we found is reputable, otherwise I wouldn’t look into them. Obviously I haven’t sent in a request yet but I’m observing their group to see if an aussie is a real fit.

I heard they did well with cats, I wonder…we have two as well. Two senior cats.

I do not have an aussie but I have known quite a few as adults and as puppies thanks to aussies being popular barn dogs.

As puppies, they are balls of INSANITY and chaotic energy. Very zoom, go fast, not very think. They might be small, but they are STRONG, and they have OPINIONS. As herding dogs, they are not terribly inclined to obey you like retriever types do and will gleefully zoom around on their own secrets missions. They need lots of firm training from the very start as puppies, and will likely annoy the shit out of your cats as their herding instincts develop.

As adults, they can either be hella smart or neurotic bundles of anxiety. They need lots of mental and physical stimulation to be happy, and do best with “work” to do. You can teach them all sorts of awesome tricks and commands, and they can be super patient and cuddly when their mental and physical needs are met, but remember, these dogs are bred to be running all over a farm all day.

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That’s good to know. We did put in for a rescue dog which is smaller and more acceptable for our lifestyle.

Our application was accepted so it’s only on waiting on foster homes to contact us.


Excellent choice! A lot of people have concerns about rescue dogs and assume they all have trauma or problems, but the two rescue dogs that I fostered were the most precious little unproblematic creatures that went on to find homes that adore them!

And fostered dogs have the advantage of having so much more information about them available, so transitioning to a new home is so much easier and predictable than raising a teeny babby

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In the early talks with the foster of this pup, he almost looks like my old family dog and they say he’s crate trained and potty trained. Great with other animals too.

He looks so sweet I’d be ecstatic to have him :heart_eyes:

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Update: We met the dog yesterday, we were one of three candidates to adopt this baby. He was a return, but not because he was a bad dog. Because human’s suck, but regardless we were chosen and I officially signed the adoption papers today.

The Fosters were really friendly people, and they seem to Foster a lot of dogs. I hope we’re a good fit for him, as I feel like he’s such a great fit for us. ^^ (The moment they opened the door, he beelined for me LOL He’s a friendly dog, but it made me feel special)


Yaaaaayyy :partying_face::tada::partying_face::tada:
Congrats to your doggie, take good care of him :two_hearts:




Congrats on your new pupper!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Hes such a good puppers owo