Looking to start a band

Hello! I’m an experienced mouth-harmonica player from Republic of South Sudan, and I’m looking for some fellow Sudanese people to start a new visual kei band!

Band name: 怖い木Le’Fuarte-SzZNt88999

I’m looking for a sub-contra-tubaist and concert koto player. The genre will be underground avant-garde sludge jazzrock. Our looks will be inspired by nature, such as trees and pigeons.
I will be the composer, songwriter and music inventor.
To join, you must sign a contract with your blood that says we will be the longest active band in history, we will be active for 110 years.

I’m already working on an EP, here are the song titles:

EP Name: Thre crazy little treehouses mafia epic rock crazy taxitreehouses tree three bus.

  1. Prologue -SE-
  2. Suicide Nazi Self-Mutilation Vomit Vore Barf Farm Club
  3. Kitten Kitty Cats
  4. au revoir -in Solitude- ~forever sadness in NiGht~
  5. レズビアンサル
  6. iToons speed’s up UR intornet, download now from Appel iFones
  7. a

SECRET TRACK: i like trees

Anyone interested?


Wow this sounds like an amazing opportunity. I know the answer is probably no, but I would kick myself if I didn’t ask: would guzheng work?

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This is why we need a Toasted Waffles section.


Can I join, if i can burp the alphabet?


Best idea I’ve heard, ever.
Also, I’m gonna steal the title “music inventor”. Way better than “musician”.