Luz new song "FAITH" release

Luz new song “FAITH” will be released at 2021/07/21.

“luz 5th TOUR -ELEVEN-” members:
Vocal: Luz
Guitar: RENO (ex.ViViD)
Guitar: MiA (MEJIBRAY)
Bass: MASASHI (Versailles)
Drums: LEVIN (ex.La’cryma Christi)


since when does this group exist?!
I never heard of them before

According to the channel, Luz, the person has been around for at least seven years, this is basically just a support band for his solo project.

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4th album “FAITH” will be released at 2021/10/27.


Can I just say I’m in love with this album? I discovered Luz earlier this year and he has such a lovely voice. I was surprised to see some of the images of him with the guys in the background since this guy is just listed as Utaite and I saw MiA. Didn’t know how he was connected to the vk guys and was confused that I didn’t see anything on here about him for the longest time.

But anyway, I recommend the album. It’s great.

New digital single “CARNIVAL” has been released at 2022/06/24.