lynch. new digital single "ALLIVE" release

lynch. will release a new digital single titled “ALLIVE” on 2020/12/23 to commemorate their upcoming one man tour 15th anniversary “THE FATAL HOUR HAS COME” at Nippon Budokan on 2021/02/03.

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Sweeeet! More lynch! I don’t get the extra L in alive though haha. Will buy for sure :slight_smile: Liked the single they did for the live house this summer!

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Can’t wait to hear it either haha. I agree that their charity single was so good especially the retake version of A GLEAM IN EYE.

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i’ll be honest - i haven’t enjoyed a lynch. release since EXODUS but i still always check their releases regardless. here’s hoping the new single will be good. :frowning: don’t hate me.


It’s all good man. I enjoyed D.a.r.k and Avantgarde but kinda lost it afterwards. Not that I hated further releases, I just lost interest. I used to buy all their albums/dvd. They do make good songs though, just dunno, sometimes we move to another band. Lots of people says their songs sounds pretty much alike, but it depends. I got back into them with their last single, the remake of A GLEAM IN EYE was good, and other songs as well. We all have different taste anyway!


We have Suuuicide Note and ALLIVE…

WTF is happening in VKei Land?


It’s so good this made my day

Amazing PV, good start of year <3