lynch. - REBORN

I thought this was quite a pleasant listen! A bit softer and more varied than whatever they released in the past decade or so. The first track was total middle-of-the-road standard fare for sure, but then each track gets a little bit more interesting from there on out. Songs 3 to 6 were the highlights for me, with 9 and 10 closing it off in a nice way. PRAGMA was the only really weak one for me, but even that had some moments of beauty.

All in all, I kinda got what I needed from this, which is a moderately enjoyable album. It’ll probably suffer the same fate as the other lynch. releases, i.e. I’ll listen to it every other year and then promptly forget it exists. I’ll give them extra points for trying to have more variety this time around!


I’m positively surprised by the album! Except from ULTIMA which I haven’t happened to listen to yet, their last albums hadn’t impressed me much, but REBORN, although indeed not something much different from their usual sound (which is not necessarily bad), has managed to be liked from the first listen. Pragma (it means “Thing” in Greek btw), Sink and CALLING ME stand out the most for me. :slight_smile: It’s not as good as I BELIEVE IN ME for me, which I love, but I appreciate their work and am glad they are still around.

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I’ve grown out of lynch. over the years, but I always like to tune in to their new releases. I thought this album was mediocre to okay. I agree with others here that it’s on the more memorable side when compared to their recent output. What really holds it back for me is 1) Repetitive melodies and riffs, 2) Incohesive song writing, 3) Weak vocals.

They haven’t really evolved as a band sonically, although I’ll argue that this is the most different they’ve sounded in quite some time. But they’re still recycling similar riffs and melodies from as far back as Inferiority Complex (from what my ears can tell anyways). Don’t tell me with a straight face that “Eclipse” isn’t an abandoned track from that album that they just dusted off and reworked for this release. The main riff from “The Forbidden Door” is like "Beast"s less talented cousin who usually only plays cover songs but tried writing their own song for once.

There are some cool things being done musically, but those pieces aren’t really speaking to each other throughout the album or even within a song. Hazuki’s energy especially doesn’t match how the other members are playing. I don’t mind a softer approach, but there’s a lack of depth and emotion vocally and most of his lines are sung in such a sterile manner that it’s numbing.

Greedy dead souls and The Avoided Sun have always been my favorite releases by the band and I never expect them to go back to that sound. With them this far into their career, I’ve made peace that they’ll continue forward with their current direction and have written them off as a legacy band who I’ll remember for their early works.

Fav track: Bleu


It sure sounds more like a nagoya release, but Hazuki’s voice is boring af. Pragma is my fav coz, well, it takes its deep roots from the melancholic nagoya sound we all love and Hazuki doesn’t sound that boring on that one.

I agree with you @ghost about Greedy dead souls and The Avoided Sun (+ THE BURIED :stuck_out_tongue: )

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REBORN might be the first lynch. album that breaks the mold since I BELIEVE IN ME.

So the gimmick for this album is that all the members wrote some songs for this album, but had I not been informed I would not have noticed. It’s a good thing that everyone is pitching in to take the load off Hazuki and that is no doubt a reason why we got an album so fast. REBORN comes out sounding like lynch. but not having traditional lynch. presentation, and it’s pretty good for that, but it also leaves me a bit unsatisfied.

Here’s the thing: I need them to break out of the lynch. box more. They took that pause so they could reset and try new things, and it does show. They are so tantalizingly close to doing something that sounds great but isn’t “lynch.”. One foot is in the sandbox and one foot is where I want them to be. I would say “this needed more time in the oven” but it doesn’t. It is what it is. This is an excellent first effort at reinventing themselves, the best 7/10 I could ask for, and these songs definitely bang live, but break it down to it’s basic elements and it becomes clear they’re still mixing up the same bag of tricks.

Add some new tricks to the bag. Get daring.

I wasn’t presented a proper solo until PRAGMA - no that bass line in ECLIPSE does not count - so how about we start working them in? They don’t always have to be after the chorus either. Hazuki’s solo artist career has a ton of piano, so I’d like to hear that utilized more. A spiritual successor to CVLTIC MY EXECUTION anyone? Relegating it to only SINK should be a crime, and even then that track (and almost every track for that note) ends on an inconclusive note. How about utilizing an acoustic guitar or a 12-string in conjunction with the heavy guitars? Get a session violinist for the studio for a track and do your best impression of Marry of the blood. How about some more instrumentals similar to sleepy flow? lynch. only has a handful of tracks over six minutes - how about we get one that’s not a ballad? This is how you really get out of the box that is “lynch.”.

Only time will tell if this album has legs or not. I drew a comparison to I BELIEVE IN ME because that’s the last time I remember lynch. hitting us with so many different sounds at once, but this album is much more melodic and mature. It’s not bad, definitely one that is going to need that time for sure.


Originally I was going listen to the album about 7 times before putting my honest thoughts about it. Personal highlights: Forbidden Door, Angel Dust, Candy, Calling Me.

Pros for me is the variety of songs. Each track has it’s own vibe and charm and it shows that each bandomen had his chance to show thier approach. This time most of the album leans on rather soft and more melodic side, but I’ve always had personal appreciation for this side of lynch. and I say it as someone who listened to them back when Shadows came out. Only major complain, and for a lot of other people as I’ve noticed, are lack of Hazuki’s guttural vocals. But Calling me and maybe Forbidden Door aside I don’t really think it’d fit on remaining songs.

Allowing all members contribute to the album was the key. I don’t deny the used potential, just some aspects could have been executed better. Who knows, whatever was indeed missing maybe the next album will bring it back.

Despite its flaws, I still had a positive impression. I give the album solid 7/10

Well, guess this explains the shipment delay I’ve had on cdjapan :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s pretty bad; but thankfully it’s relatively inoffensive.

When your first song sounds like it belongs on an Anime OST, you know you’re gonna have a bad time.


I’ve been repeating this since my copy came in Wednesday. Overall, I’m impressed. It manages to escape the constraints of Hazuki’s recent songwriting while feeling fresh and new. I think it was a good move for them to share the workload between members. There’s enough here to keep me interested for a while.

Screaming aside (which of course, I want more of), I think Hazuki’s soft vocals are at their peak with REBORN. They just sound low, resonant and beautiful. Hopefully the next release will be a little heavier, but I’m really excited about their evolution. I haven’t been this stoked on lynch. in a while.

Favorite tracks so far: NIHIL, CANDY, SINK, CALLING ME


(Plus: note the discussion this album has sparked. Wherever you sit preference-wise, I think they’ve done a good job keeping themselves relevant with this release. I don’t remember their last few albums sparking such lengthy conversations)