lynch. - REBORN

First Listen….


These niggas are on something different. AND I LIKE IT. There’s clearly more variety in terms of composition and it gives it a fresher feel. The first couple songs are meh but because there’s effort there to try something new, I can stomach em.

CRIME and beyond, the album turns things up a notch. The break helped them out and maybe taking a 2-3 year breather in between albums with more contributors is what’ll work from here on out.

To go from ULTIMA to this is baller shit.



It’s what I call a preorder :ok_hand:.

After listened to it a few times Iam very satisfied with this album, again, no fillers, elegant sound.

I thought it will be a short album full of Calling me, invader, beast etc (with maybe one ballad or soft song) but no. It’s very soft and classy, I only regret a little more screams here and there but well, I like the way it is.

I agree the second part is better, favs here : The forbidden door, Crime, Bleu, Pragma, Calling me and Sink (typical Yusuke song <3).


I don’t have time to listen to the album in full, but I want to listen to just one song to decide whether the whole thing is worth it. What is everyone’s fav track?

I can’t say that I have any favorite tracks from this album, but my impression of this album is by far better than from the previous ones. The previous ones were to me one long track with no variety. This one at least has the potential to grow on me.

So I hope personal expectations of Lynch’s members of this album match the reality and that the sales are gonna be good.


0/10 this album is not good. At all. With every member contributing two songs, it just feels like an incoherent mess with no identity and even less like a lynch. record now that their core sound is pretty much gone, a perfect example of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Some bands don’t have to reinvent themselves and lynch. is one of these cases.

As a long-time listener, I always came to each new lynch. album expecting some solid heavys with some catchy choruses and one or two Yusuke ballads in between since their newest albums. Most of the album here is soft and not very energetic, contradicting most of their catalog. Hazuki’s singing sounds absolutely bored throughout the album, especially from Track 3 to 8. The few heavy aspects of the album are also not fleshed out at all. Hazuki’s screams lack a lot of power, like in the verses of ECLIPSE and THE FORBIDDEN DOOR, which is a massive disappointment since he took lessons from Japanese YouTube screaming instructor Mahone and was even able to do some gutturals like in ALLERGIE, MACHINE or XERO from the previous album, an absolute bummer to not hear any of that here. Talking about THE FORBIDDEN DOOR, this song has no reason to be over 5 minutes long without any real pay off like some intense breakdowns or anything interesting instrumentally. (like seriously, what happened to awesome riffs like in BARRIER? also why did they tune up their guitars from Drop G# to… Drop D???) The key change in the chorus is absolutely nonsensical in music theory and the timing of the vocals is also off. It’s especially grating because of how long and weirdly constructed the chorus is. CALLING ME is basically THE BLASTED BACK BONE ordered from Wish and SINK gets ruined by the last minute where things get upbeat out of the blue.

Now the question is if they decided to set up a release pattern of following disappointment with a great return just to end up in disappointment again (going from Xlll to the great ULTIMA to… whatever this is) or if they will completely abandon their old style now. Xlll was sadly the highest charting album for them until now so it would be quite a bummer if this album will score even better. Instead of having everyone write some songs, it would be better for Hazuki to somehow find the energy to write the best songs he can, even if it might take some time. He should maybe spice up his songwriting by experimenting with song structures, adding some new techniques and influences in his riffing and way of finding melodies to sing that fit perfectly to the lynch. style of having “heavy riffs with beautiful melodies” and utilise more of what he is learning from Mahone vocally. REBORN will probably end up as the biggest disappointment of 2023.


My first impression is that it is a much more Nagoya sounding album, if you get what I mean. I’ll be listening to it this whole week to form a more detailed opinion, but it’s definitely a nice change of pace from br00tal Lynch of the past 4 records.


Forgot how much I loved reading your reviews, Ro :')

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I’m halfway through and this one’s doing it for me, guys

This is miles away from the last one. I hate when a band puts out a concert after their new album and makes it obsolete because this album being played in concert with be fantastic. I watched THE FATAL HOUR HAS COME on WOWOW and it was so dull it became background music and I literally couldn’t tell how far into the set list it was because so many of their songs post-D.A.R.K. sound nearly identical. The second half is better than the first and the second half has a lot more depth to it, but this is a complete album, no filler, and it’s the kind you can listen to from front to back in a setting and understand what they were going for. Standouts would be Nihil, Crime, Bleu, Pragma (probably my favorite on this album), Calling Me, and Sink

8/10 Early contender for album of the year. The gauntlet has been throw down.


The intro of THE FORBIDDEN DOOR sounds like what Girugamesh would have done.


iirc only five songs from that show were released post-D.A.R.K in a 30-song setlist so I think that comment is a bit of an exaggeration, but I will agree that this new album is a change of pace to what came before.

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Damn, you guys are making me EXCITED. Can’t wait to see what they did this time! (Still waiting for my copy)

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You’re probably right. I was cleaning at the time. I’ll have to actually sit down and pay attention considering it’s a set list reflecting their career up to that point.

Angel Dust is growing on me.

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I’ve now listened to this twice. The first time around I thought I liked Ultima better (even though a lot of the songs on there do sound alike) but I still enjoyed the variety this had. After listening to it again it’s definitely growing on me!
Nihil has a great bassline, Calling Me is great and even though Sink doesn’t have a breakdown I’d say it’s still one of my favorites on the album. A nice and melancholic end.

The official twitter posted something about a typo/wrong info in the booklet and directions to get a corrected one, did anyone get one of the defected ones, and if yes are you going to send it back?


That’ll be a collectors item :star_struck:

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Yes i saw it and it seems it only concerns credits for tracks 4 Angel dust (booklet says music : Asanao but it’s Asanao AND Hazuki)
And 5 Crime wrong lyrics (can’t read Japanese except katakana so I don’t know where there is mistakes and seems it’s normal to me ahah. Maybe it’s not the full song but some words here and there, no idea.)

So…Iam in France, no time, not enough mistakes and not worth to send it back even if they pay to send the new one. I would maybe do it if it was a big misprint. It’s nice from them to do it though ^^

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Pretty much how I’m going to treat mine :joy:

Totally agree, if I lived in Japan it might be a different situation. I can’t read kanji, so the lyrics are useless to me and I can just make a mental note of the credits if I ever need to use that info somewhere :sweat_smile:

Change ECLIPSE to an instrumental intro and this album will get much better.
Kinda sad there aren’t any other bangers like Calling Me, but other songs are good on their own.
Definitely glad to hear other members’ efforts.
Nihil, Angel Dust, Bleu, Calling Me, and Sink definitely going to listen to them on repeat ad nauseam.

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Sounds exactly like all their other albums they’ve released within the past 10 years. Even for their standard it’s highly forgettable and I doubt anyone would be interested in it if it wasn’t lynch. unfortunately.

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