lynch. will temporarily suspend activities

lynch. will temporarily suspend activities. More info can be found in an interview here.


I have to read the interview still :sweat_smile:


Whenever I read “suspend activities”, I get a little anxious. Then, I read the interview. I think everything is going to be okay.

I don’t understand Japanese so I used a translator, but I think the main points came across clearly:

  • Corona likely accelerated this decision, but it was not the primary factor.

  • It seems like they’re all in agreement about pausing and slowing down activities. 17 years is a long time to stay active in any scene. They keep saying pause and not stop, so by the end of the article I was really convinced these guys need a break. 50 live shows a year? DAMN BOI!

  • Yusuke has some health issues? Health is a band LOL.

  • Hazuki has written 80-90% of the music for lynch. and he says it has been more and more difficult for him to compose new and music since “AVANTGARDE”. He even described the process of the last two albums as painful. Even the other members admit that they have made compromises and that their musical evolution has come to a standstill (and it takes a lot of self-reflection and honesty to arrive at this conclusion as a group, so great job!). Other members have been pitching in since “EXODUS-EP” to help out, but it takes time for everyone to get up to speed with composing music that fits lynch.

  • They could write music and “store it for lynch.” but Yusuke specifically would rather start a side-project to tackle sounds that don’t fit within lynch than “do nothing”.

  • Whenever they return, their activities will be slower.

So yeah, these boys need a break. I’ve been feeling for a while that they’ve been getting stale, and they’ve said about as much too. Hopefully this will be what they need to find a new direction for lynch. I can wait.


This really, really surprised me, but I can’t blame them.
I’ll patiently wait for their return~

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This news isn’t that surprising to me. I saw it coming when Hazuki started doing his solo projects and then Yusuke.

“Yusuke has some health issues?”
健康 (Health) is Yusuke’s project with Akito.

I can’t blame them for wanting to pause activities for now. I hope that they can rest and recharge and lynch. will come together again when they’re ready.


I think that’s a really good decision on their side. I mean we can all agree that after 2014 best album all of their music sounded the same.

I don’t know how much money they were making with Lynch, but if they were and decided to pause the activities — that’s some grown up decision to stop milking the cow while feeling uncomfortable doing this.


Still liked their latest releases, but I agree with and can understand this move from all the reasons mentioned. Their last album was good, but it came and went and didn’t leave much of a strong impression. It was like… Good album lynch. Ok, What else is there to listen to? Listened to it once or twice and that was it.

A lot of bands out their could use a bit of self reflection like this. I get that it’s hard for bigger bands. On one hand you don’t want to alienate too many fans with something weird, but on the other hand you run the risk of becoming stale.

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I think it’s a well deserved break. Funny how the last album I really liked from them was Avantgarde and that’s the last Hazuki didn’t have problems composing. Not that the other albums were bad, just that, I barely listened to it. Maybe the members can start new projects :open_mouth: I really like Hazuki’s solo project ^^

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Eh, it’s sad that your favorite band has announced a pause, very. But the guys really need a break to gain strength, inspiration and refresh their music. I hope everything goes well for them.


They really do need a rest, especially Hazuki. I’m actually surprised it took this long for them to officially come out and announce something like this temporary hiatus, what with Hazuki almost writing all of the band’s music… that’s not a healthy workload combined with rigid label-dictated album release cycles.

Hopefully they’ll return refreshed and relaxed with a plan to make it work again!


Like many bands, they kept doing the same kind of songs for many years. So it’s not a big surprise, quite positive for them.

I’m surprised it took this long, the burnout must be absolutely hellish. I’m glad they’re taking this time, and I look forward to when they come back.

Well i expected this but still surprised, you never want your favorite band in hiatus. But solo projects + the recent Complete Box, all these years and lives, the lack of inspiration, it was obvious.

Even if they say it’s temporary iam still afraid, some bands announced hiatus and the time goes by, other projects etc and they never come back (12012 for exemple) i have faith in their engagement and respect with their community but still.

Anyway it’s deserved, i just hope i’ll don’t wait for nothing, wish them good rest and to come back with a fresh new sound !


Good on them for taking a break, they are incredibly hard working.

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I remember both DIR and the GazettE having issues about song writing. Ruki and Kaoru had them niggas in a vice grip LOL. But once they let go of some of their power, both bands started producing some of their best work to date. I’m HYPE for LYNCH to return.


Sucks to hear they’ve been struggling like they have. I hope they find a way to get it together, so all of the members can truly create something they’re proud of.

It seems to be just a one year hiatus :slight_smile:

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After the release of the 10 years box and considering how they basically just released the same album again and again for ten years and only recycled their own songs, I can’t say that’s surprising

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Yusuke posted a picture on instagram with a caption “The countdown began” and the official twitter account retweeted several articles about this (I just picked a retweet from an account with the most followers)

Watch the clock count down on their home page

I assume this means the hiatus is ending?


Finally, my favorite band. Just hope they will not be influenced by the meh solo works from Hazuki. Sorry but it was disappointing, even ULTIMA a generic lynch album was far better.

Let’s celebrate with a lynch marathon :smiley:

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