MADMANS ESPRIT new single "Garden of skeletons" release

MADMANS ESPRIT (South Korean black metal band) new single “백골의 정원 (Garden of skeletons)” will be released at 2021/01/30.

01.Garden of skeletons


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I just posted their song to the what are you listening thread, I’ve never heard of this group but I’m more than happy to find heavier Korean music. Even if their lyrics are a bit too angsty for current me :sweat_smile:
Glad to see this here so I won’t forget to check it out when it drops!

Man, I haven’t been keeping up with them like I used to. I’ll do my best to catch up when this new single comes out, though. It sounds awesome.

The preview didn’t show enough for me to know how much I’ll like it but I like what I heard and they haven’t released a song I don’t like yet so I can’t wait to hear it. It’s cool to see a band mix DSBM with VK cause I never thought I’d see those two genres put together


I love them so much! Can’t wait!

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I’m so stocked for this!! They became one of my favorite bands ever since i heard Conscientization of Unconsciousness so i’m pretty anxious for this release.


Yes, exactly. To be perfectly honest, I found the little they gave us here a little underwhelming. Still, who knows?


Is it just me or does this dude kinda look like Die’s twin :thinking:

I really dig their aesthetic but even though I usually like what I hear on first listen, I never come back…


I dunno about Die. Getting a Michael Jackson vibe from that sculpted nose.


Looks like VK is back on the menu!
Thank you based Koreans for actually making interesting and original music associated with the ”scene”.

Damn the track is so good and as a fellow bassist i’m obsessed with that bassline. I’m in love with the dark but catchy vibe that the song has!

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Not my favorite song by then but definitely a very good one, although pretty much all of their songs are very good imo. I’m happy that they’ve started upping the frequency of their releases by a lot without decreasing the quality of them, it’s weird to think their first release was in like 2011 while the vast majority of their songs were released in/after 2018.

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Kyuho will appear at this dude’s MV
I’m very curious about how this happened
The song is produced by Hyde btw

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Nice find! I guess it pays the bills lol :slight_smile:. The whole back-up band looks like ME in rehearsal attire.
No idea about J-JUN’s music but the visuals are pretty darn impressive.

Oh that’s jaejoong (ex. DBSK)!