MaHA Rocks loves J-Rock and Japan


I’m a songwriter, artist MaHA Rocks from Kyiv, Ukraine. My fans from Japan often mention that my music sounds like J-Rock, which is a powerful rock with smooth vocals.

Well, maybe I am influenced by J-Rock artists. When I was young I did listen to Miyavi a lot and many other J-bands. You’re experts here, so you tell me. :wink:

If you don’t mind I’d like to join your community to discover more J-Rock music and new bands.

MaHA Rocks


Why that poor guitar has no head? :sob:

Also welcome to the forum.

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:grinning: It’s a Traveler Guitar - the leading innovator in the design and manufacture of full-scale guitars for musicians on the go. The benefits are that it is the smallest and lightest guitars. It is also allowed to take such guitars on a plane, so you don’t have to worry about your guitar being in luggage hold. It is a nightmare to receive a broken guitar after travelling by plane. Unfortunately, that happens a lot.
Since I’m staying in Kyiv, in the middle of the war, this guitar really helps me to be on the go and still keep playing and creating music in a safe place. :guitar:


Ok that makes sense. Hope you will be safe. Hang in there. :yellow_heart:
You got some nice music, I listened to some songs.

Who else you like besides Miyavi?

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Thank you, Rena! I listen to One Ok Rock a lot for now. :slight_smile:

Besides Miyavi, I also loved to listen to a J-Rock solo male artist with such a beautiful voice, but I don’t remember his name. He was VERY popular together with Miyavi.
I guess his surname starts with “G”, but Im not sure. You should know him for sure. If I could only have more clues to figure out his name.

You mean GACKT?

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Oh My God, Nick, you’re the best! YES, it’s GACKT. :100:
Gosh, I was trying to recall his name for so long…
Many many thanks!!

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Welcome! With the hints given, it’s GACKT obviously. xD
A J-rock vocalist who has a beautiful voice with the name starting with G and is as popular as MIYAVI. It can be no one but GACKT. :smiley_cat:


And what is popular now? :slight_smile:
Who are the “Top” in J-Rock?

I’d love to go deeper and discover more.

That probably depends on what corner of J-Rock we are talking about. Popular in Japan itself? or popular with oversea fans?

Miyavi (because you mentioned him) is still popular, although i would account him more as J-Pop nowadays.
Otherwise, Buck-Tick and Malice Mizer are suprisingly popular with new Visual Kei fans online.
:thinking: hmm pretty sure some others can bring up more


Thanks, I’ll check out them!

Those who are popular in Japan right now and also those bands that matches your own tastes. Your Tops too :slight_smile: that will help me to start to listen to the tunes you’ve, guys, already been digging and enjoying.

I’m sure later on I’ll find my own Tops as well :slight_smile:

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I’m sure overseas fans see only a top of the iceberg when there are so much more cool bands in Japan itself.

Depending on how open you are, those are some of my personal favorites
Sailing Before The Wind (metalcore)
Nevrness(a bass instrumental project)
One Eye Closed(j-rock but with english lyrics)
Shadecarrier (deathcore)

We actually have a topic that could be interested regarding that
This one

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What about Yoshiki hahaha

he is popular and X-JAPAN member lool

Well, i can only imagine many clouds to define whats popular in Japan/J-Rock now… These clouds are the fanbase of each major band. For exemple: Plastic tree, Versailles, the GazettE, L arc en ciel and so on…

The fanbase keep them famous in own circle of fans (including the oversea) and this is divided by musical genre. Thats kind of underground way

Its kind of the same system to know who is popular in South Korea . But it depends on what music genre you are looking for to know what is popular at the moment in Japan.

But redefined your question… What is popular and “Top” in J-Rock at moment ?..
The best way to found is by your own and following our news and watching the development of new bands and our reviews. I think thats the great way to have the feeling for which way will be your “Tops” :wink:

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