Malus d'Eris first full Album 「Lucid I」release

The wait is almost over…

Malus d’Eris first full album Lucid I -Day of the bleeding sun- will arrive at several streaming platforms on 25/08/2022

Initially conceived as a solo project, Malus d’Eris began activities in 2015 with the recording of material for what would eventually become the debut album “Lucid I -Day of the bleeding Sun-”, which, among others, saw the involvement of members of Elvellon and Circus of Fools as well as japanese darkwave composer KALM. This first step was eventually completed in 2017. Afterwards followed some sporadic live shows with the main focus of these years being on songwriting. With the transition into a full band came the opportunity to finally release “Lucid I” in August 2022 and the intiation of further activities…

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Nice, I will check out the new album! :grinning:

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Nice discovery, i like it! :grinning:

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ahh, I’m so stoked! The previews sound gorgeous, can’t wait!

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The album can now be found on Spotify as well:

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